Daily Prompt : Laughter

In response to prompt : Laughter

Laughter A healthy Medicine!

Laughter they say is the medicine,

One who cannot laugh is missing something.

Laugh at yourself for mistakes you make,

Giggle, chuckle, even though inwardly it’s fake!

…………………………………. ūüôā

Daily Prompts: Sudden Shifts

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You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun,nibbling on some water melon. All of a sudden within seconds, the weather shifts, and hail starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.

This prompt reminds me of a day in London ,England . The sun was shining brightly I decided to go for a walk, as soon as I came out of my room , Tanya Yakimoff who lived next door, came out with a broad smile she said, “Where do you think you are going?”

I smiled and said, “I’m going for a walk Tanya.”

“Is that so,” she said ,”Perhaps you have no idea of London weather, if I were you I’d carry an umbrella.”

“Carry an umbrella on a bright sunny day, I hate to carry it?”

“Don’t say I did not warn you.” With these words she went back to her room.

I was torn, should I carry an umbrella, but it’s such a nice day, I hope Tanya is wrong I mumbled and went on my way out. I went to Russel Square tube station, bought my ticket to go to Oxford Street.

I got off and immediately thought of doing some window shopping. I went inside Selfridges, got on the escalator going up, checked out ¬†the floors, what was on sale. Instantly I recalled I had come to window shop not to buy anything, besides it wasn’t as if I had a pocket full of money.

After taking about two full hours in the department store, I checked my watch, it was time for me to head back to the residence. I came down  on the lift with all kinds of people.

When the door to the lift opened , I was on the ground floor, I walked fast to get out of the station. To my dismay the outside looked dark, “Is it evening already?” I thought.

Oh no, I exclaimed ! I did not bring my umbrella, it’s raining heavily. I waited for what seemed eternity for the rain to stop.

Eventually the rain stopped, I could see a rainbow, I felt hey now there’ll be no problem, I’ll get to my residence without getting wet. I walked out, to get to Oxford Street Station, it was not too far, I’ll make it I thought, but nature wanted me to get wet on that day, within minutes the skies went dark and rain started falling, I couldn’t go anywhere for shelter, I kept walking.

Finally I was at the station, bought my ticket to go back. Within ten minutes I reached my destination, Russel Square station. I came out but the rain did not stop. I was soaked head to foot before I reached my residence.

I quietly walked up the stairs, hoping Tanya wasn’t there, before I could turn my key into the lock, out came Tanya, “So did you enjoy your walk?” She said.

All I could say was,”I better go in and change my clothes or I’ll catch a cold!”

As I was getting into my room, I heard ¬†Tanya burst into a roaring laughter. ūüôā

…………………………………….. ūüôā

Fiction: Departure

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This is my five sentence fiction the title of my story is: Exit

Barbara was walking down the long corridor looking for the sign that said: Way Out.

She knew she would be late for her appointment if she could not find the door to go out, frustrated she sat down and began to cry.

The custodian noticed her came right up to her and said: “Miss what’s wrong?”

“The door, I can’t find the ‘Way Out’ sign.”

The custodian burst out into a roaring laughter and replied: “Miss did you not see the ‘Exit’ sign, it tells you to go out!” ¬†ūüôā


DP Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn

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Write five hundred words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.

“I’ve come to buy a sickle.”

“A nickel?” He gave ¬†him one.

Run ¬†along now I have work to do!”

Mom was upset ¬†when she saw me ¬†without the sickle. “Where’s the ¬†money!”

I showed her ¬†the nickel, “He ¬†gave me this.”

Mom ¬†ordered , “Come back with ¬†the sickle.”

A sage walking by saw my tears and asked, ¬†“why are you ¬†crying?”

He laughed when he heard my story.

“Don’t laugh ¬†I am in trouble.”

“Let’s go, I will teach the guy ¬†for cheating.”

“What did you say?”

I did not understand ¬†him. ¬†He disliked my question and told me to walk . In my imagination I turned into a ¬† Sasquatch, made plans to take revenge,I must kill him, ¬†I grabbed the sage’s shirt and yelled, “I will kill you.”

The sage was surprised, ¬†said something in his language , ¬† lifted me by ¬†my neck and bellowed, ” Kill me huh, let’s see who kills whom!”

Wild thoughts occupied my mind, I was dead  vultures were tearing me to pieces,   the sage was on the  hill laughing .

My soul was in heaven, ¬† Rumi,Iqbal and Waheed, were looking at me. I’m hungry I said.

Instantly two women appeared with delicious food. I was about to eat  it, suddenly I felt someone shaking me.

I opened my eyes, ¬†the sage said . “Hi.”

“Let’s get the crook.” I yelled.

“All right then let’s go .” ¬† The sage smiled!





NaBloPoMo Nov. 22nd muche jawa dinguli amaare je pichhu daake,Ranu’s post,https://sabethville.wordpress.com

NaBloPoMo: Glorious Madness

NaBloPoMo: Glorious Madness (Photo credit: cizauskas)

The Day the Laughter Died

The Day the Laughter Died (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For NaBloPoMo: I am translating a Bengali Song.

Bygone days  are calling me.

The memories of my past are colored with

sadness and pleasure.

I remember when I fell in love,

All we thought was our paths

are united now.

We were in a different world,

We talked excessively,

We sang ,we laughed

Nothing bad could come between us.

Now it’s all in the past,

We no longer sing and laugh,

My heart is broken,

All the laughter and excessive

conversation has ended.

Where, at what moment, when

A star has fallen,

Can the sky remember?

Bygone days are calling me back,

the painful memories haunt me

and the pain is difficult to endure.

Translated by Ranu

Tears and Laughter by Kahlil Gibran posted by Ranu

Khalil Gibran (April 1913)

Khalil Gibran (April 1913) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Tears and Laughter (Kahlil Gibr...

Cover via Amazon

I read this poem in a book by Kahlil Gibran. The words are magical. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

Tears that purify my heart and reveal

to me the secret of life and its mystery,

Laughter that brings me closer to

my fellowmen;

Tears with which I join the


Laughter that symbolizes joy over

my very existence.

I prefer death through happiness a

thousand fold to life in vain and in


An eternal hunger for love

and beauty is my desire;I know

now that those who possess bounty

alone are naught but miserable,

but to my spirit the sighs of

lovers are more soothing than

music of the lyre.

When night comes, the flower

folds its petals and slumbers

with love,and at dawn,it

opens its lips to receive the

sun’s kisses bespeckled ¬†by quick

dartings of clouds which come,

but surely go.

The life of flowers is hope and

fulfillment and peace; tears and laughter.

The water disappears and ascends

until it turns into clouds that

gather upon the hills and valleys;

and when it meets the breeze,it

falls down upon the fields and

joins the brook that sings it

way toward the sea.

The life of clouds is a life of

farewell and a life of reunion;

tears and laughter.

Thus the spirit separates itself

from the body and walks into

the world of substance,passing

like clouds over the valleys of

sorrow and mountains of happiness

until it meets the

breeze of death and returns to

its starting place,the endless

ocean of love and beauty which

is God.

DP Daily Prompt: Pat On The Back Post by Ranu

We used to have ,The Kiwanis Music Festival’, every year. This was the year I decided to enter my kids in the poetry contest. I knew they were not going to win.I felt it was a good exposure for them. With this in mind I started training them.I realized one of them was capable enough to win. I picked a poem of one African American poet. It was a funny poem. I thought about it after I heard my daughter reciting it. I remarked ,’Are you purposely distorting the words?’ She answered ¬†‘No mom ¬†this is the way it is written.’I read it through and realized the poet has a sense of humor.

I entered the poem in the contest. I started training my daughter. She did exactly the way I wanted her to recite. My husband was skeptical,he didn’t think I should use the poem.I was determined. Unfortunately I could not attend,I had teaching duty and didn’t get permission to take time off.

The day of the competition, my daughter was ready. What worked for her, she was not nervous.The adjudicator was from the states and knew the poet’s work. Despite the serious ¬†atmosphere,the adjudicator and the audience burst into laughter. The result, my daughter received first place and was selected as the star of the show. I was delighted,and proud of her.Time I spent to train her was time well spent.She deserved ,Pat on the back and a huge hug from me and her Dad. In case you are wondering ,’The title of the poem was,Da Greata Stronga Man’ I do not remember all of the poem I googled to get the words, but they only gave the words of ,’The litla Man’ written by Thomas Daly also. If any of the bloggers have the poem,I would love to have it.

DP Daily Prompt: The Zone Post by Ranu

This is a song by Tagore. ¬†It is my favorite song. ¬†I listen to it frequently. ¬†When I play this song , I really am in the zone. ¬†I get lost and imagine it’s happening to me.

The following is the translation of the Bengali song in English:

My days in the gold cage,

are no longer visible –

my many colorful days.

The bond of laughter and tears

are broken

they could not tolerate my golden days.

I hoped they would learn,

the language of the songs in my heart

they disappeared

without saying it all,

my many colorful days.

I dream as if they are moving around

my broken cage wishing to see someone,

from my golden days.

Can all this pain  be deceit,

they are shadows of birds.

Nothing of mine is left in the sky,

my  many golden days.

(Aagomon) Arrival by Tagore translation by ranu

(Aagomon)  Arrival               Rabindranath Tagore

The evening brought our work to an end__

our doors were shut we expected no one.

Some thought, there will be a visitor,

may be a king or a knight.

We roared in laughter and said no it’s not right.

2. Then we heard a knock on the door__

We then declared, ‘may be it’s the wind.’

The lamps were smothered we lay in bed__

some thought may be ‘it’s an emissary.’

We laughed and voiced, ‘it probably is the wind.’

3. At midnight we heard a strange tune__

drowsily we thought it was the thunder.

Every few moments we felt the earth was trembling___

some of us thought it was the ‘sound of the wheels.’

Still sleeping ¬†we insisted,’it’s thunder.’

4. It was still dark, the sound of the kettle-drum was heard__

someone screamed, ‘,don’t delay wake up everyone.’

We held ourselves and woke up with fright__

some whispered in our ears, ‘we see the king’s image.’

We all woke up and expressed, ‘we cannot delay any longer.’

5. Where is the light,the garland,the preparation!

King is in my country ,where is the throne!

Alas our destiny,the embarrassment__ where is the assembly!

Some whisper in our ears,’this is a useless wail,

welcome him with an empty hand.’

O you all open the doors,blow the conch-shell___

in the middle of the night has come the king of dark homes.

the sound of thunder is heard in space, the lightning flashes,

pull everyone from bed and decorate the compound__

suddenly the king of sorrow has accompanied the storm.