Writing Prompt: Landscape 365 days, May 9th

When you gaze out your window—real or figurative — do you see the forest first,or the trees?

Where I live there are very few trees,recently my neighbor got rid of her one tree because of the worms. Now when I look out I see a patch of green grass and nothing else. My lawn at this moment has tree which only has bare branches,it’s not a pretty sight,hopefully in the next few weeks the temperature will go up and the leaves will make their way back to make the tree look half decent.

I’ll then love to gaze out my window and try to write a poem, imitating Wordsworth,until that time comes, I’ll think of Wordsworth’s poem, “I gazed and gazed but little thought what wealth the show to me had brought.”

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DP Daily Prompt: Memories for Sale Post by Ranu

Garage sale

Garage sale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last summer, Selina and I took a flight from St. John’s to Chicago. Selina wanted to rent a car and explore some of the places nearby  instead of spending too much time in the big city. We packed our bags and carried some food with us. Selina was driving and I was looking around to see if there was a place we could stop and eat some food we were taking with us.

Suddenly there was a huge ‘GARAGE SALE ‘ sign in front of the lawn of a house. I am curious by nature,I had to find out what they were selling. I was warned I cannot buy anything,but just look.

There they were a dinner set ,I recognized it instantly. It belonged to one of our dearest friend. I picked up a piece to have a closer look,sure enough it was one my friend owned. I was wondering how it ended up in this place.

I introduced myself and asked the lady,where she bought the set. At first she was surprised to see me,whom she had never seen.Why was I asking her about this set. I told her I had seen a similar set in my friend’s place. She told me she bought it at a garage sale. The son had inherited it from his mother. He could not use it,his wife hated the design. She said she wanted to sell it because some of the pieces were chipped, she could not keep it any longer.

It reminded me of an occasion when my friend  said,” You’ll see Ranu when I am gone my son and his wife will have a garage sale.They will sell everything I have.”  “No Kate”, I said , “They won’t sell them,these will bring back fond memories of you.”   ” You mark my words”,she said.

When I looked back,I thought it cannot be true. But it is,I can only say, ” How strange!”