Writing 101 Day Five : Be Brief

Today’s prompt : you stumble upon a random letter on the path.

The sunny morning gave a boost to my energy, I got  dressed  to go for a walk. While  walking I stumbled upon a letter, I picked it up.

I was about to throw it in the garbage, when I heard a mysterious voice , “please don’t throw me, read it!”

My curious nature forced me to read it, the contents influenced me deeply, it’s an important letter, the addressee must get it immediately. How will I send it?

“Give it to me, someone  grabbed it and disappeared!”







DP Daily Prompts: Brevity Pulls

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time.” Blaise Pascal(did Pascal mean a longer letter?)

Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

Sometimes I have nothing to say when I’m writing a letter, so I begin by writing how are you? And end by regards,there are a few reasons for being this brief :a) I’m not thrilled to write to this person; b) I don’t want this person to have any weapon against me, if I write too much my inner feeling may be exposed; c) my fingers don’t want the trouble of writing.

Also when I’m sitting in an exam hall and the questions before me needs short and to the point answers if I don’t  I have the danger of losing points for beating around the bush.

This is where I choose brevity.

When I choose verbosity, it is because I like this person so I won’t hesitate to write from kittens to what I had for dinner and who we entertained. When I’m finished I’m amazed to see how long it is, the other party has to be interested before I write that much.

In conclusion I’d say I am in the middle,because everything depends on who the letter is addressed to.

365 Written Prompts: Green-eyed monster

Write an anonymous letter to someone you are jealous of.

This is an unusual prompt. I do not think I’m jealous of anyone as far as I can recall. Even if I was why would I write an anonymous letter, it will be so childish of me.

I have read awesome poems by poets who for some reason or the other ,did not like to see their name in print. I have no problem with it.

To write a letter to someone who I’m supposedly jealous of makes no sense. Sorry this topic is not a good one!