Daily Prompt : Lifestyle

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Lifestyle

Today’s prompt takes me back to my childhood. We used to live in a large house of course it was rented, nevertheless it was large, if we or my dad was able to pay the rent, we were looked upon  by the vendors who came by to sell their wares to have a certain lifestyle.

One morning my second older brother came out of the house in his clumsy clothes. The vegetable vendor, thought he was one of the servants, he addressed him, ‘hey naukar, Begum sahib kahan hai?’ (hey servant where is Begum Sahib?)

My poor brother was so embarrassed he dashed inside the house, he changed his outfit immediately and went out. The vendor was waiting, when he saw my brother in his changed outfit, he realized my brother was not a servant, and instantly apologized for thinking him a servant.

In our part of the world you are judged by what you wear, it’s taken for granted prosperous people do not dress casually. If one happens to forget his status, the vendors or others will automatically think you must be a servant in that particular house, especially if it happens to be one which has twelve rooms and a large garden with a gardener.

I was never too keen about how I dressed, as a result people  made comparisons between me and my sister. I did not care if my sari and blouse did not match, comparatively my sister made sure everything she wore matched from head to her feet, and if she carried an umbrella it had to match her outfit.

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DP Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

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Do you need to agree with an artist’s life style or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

If I love art it does not have anything to do with the artist’s lifestyle or politics. Art appreciation and the artist’s lifestyle and his political affiliation, are two different things.

I have art work of a variety of artists, I collected them because they are beautiful and makes the wall they are hung on attractive.

I think arts education should be encouraged in elementary and secondary schools. It has a twofold role. I gives students some literacy and some level of technical skills and provides them with some understanding and interest , which can make them consider studying it in higher education.

Peoples lives are inspired by the arts, they listen to music, read fiction, watch TV dramas. It is believed the well-being and happiness of people will be higher where art is given a prominent role.

Arts has been in existence since the earliest humans, some of it can be seen in Egyptian art:

The early Egyptians wrote their letters using art.

WikipedPapyrus_Ani_curs_hiero.jpg (592×695)

Wikipedia image

Students who gain mastery in an art may discover their life’s work or their life’s passion .

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Writing Prompt: Art Appreciation

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their Art? To spend money on it?

If I appreciated an artist’s work based on his/her lifestyle or politics it will not say much about my appreciation. If we did that with anyone,the world would be a very difficult place to live in.

Art appreciation should be based on the talent or the gift of the artist,it should have nothing to with his political affiliation, think about all the well-known artist,do we say oh let’s find out what kind of a lifestyle he had then we’ll decide whether his work is worthy to be bought. 

I will spend money on an art work I like, the life style or politics will make no difference.

nk: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/writing-prompt/

DP Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation Posted by Ranu

When I go to an Art exhibition, I love viewing all the beautiful pieces of Art before me.I may pay a little more attention if it is someone who is renowned. I go to see art and it is not based on the artist’s life style or political affiliation. Sometimes I try to see how the artist has used colours and learn from it .

When I see an attractive piece of work I’ll buy it if I can afford it. I hope Art is not mixed up with politics,it’ll be a shame if it does.