Daily Prompt : Radiant

In response to prompt : Radiant


Our dark, dull, drab, and lifeless kitchen,

Went through an amazing transformation.

The pot lights, chandelier, is having a chat,

Did you ever see such a  radiance like that?

The kitchen’s transformation is complete.

Come, come, y’all let’s have a wonderful treat!

………………………………… 🙂




Tagore song posted and translated by ranu

No, no, it’s  not just a sweet game.

Yours and my life from dawn to dusk.

No,no it’s not just  a sweet game.

Yours and my life from dawn to dusk.

How many times the lights went off,

when the storm roared at night.

If we think of worldly concerns,

we face uncertainty and doubt.

No,no, it’s not just a sweet game.

Time and time again the enclosure

Breaks and the flood waters

Rush rapidly,

On this awful day

Screaming is heard from everywhere.

Oh God  in sorrow and happiness ,

These  words enter our mind

Your love is injurious,

But  it is never neglectful.

No,no, it’s not just a sweet game!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/tagore-song






DP Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

I think it is possible to be too honest. My mother said ,  ‘you must never lie,unless your life is in danger.’  I try to follow it. I also think , honesty is the best policy.

Once the principal of my school asked me to find out, which teacher forgets to turn off the lights in the grade four area before she goes home for lunch.

I asked all the grade four teachers, they all said,they do not forget to turn off the lights, before they leave for lunch, the days they are on duty.

I suddenly realized I never turn off the lights before I left  for lunch whenever I was on duty. I also didn’t know this was the rule. I thought the custodian does that.

I went back and said, ‘Mr. Hancock all the teachers said they turn off the lights when they’re on duty.’

I knew I did not do it, I said, ‘Mr. Hancock I’m the only one who does not turn the lights off.’

He looked at me and said,’ No it’s not true.’

‘Yes it is,’  I said.

Mr. Hancock wasn’t upset, he could not believe I’d admit.


DP Daily Prompt: A Source of Anxiety Ranu’s Post

The lights were on, I came in I called out ‘anyone here’?  Silence. I moved around ,wondered where my nephew was.As far as I know,he  is at work.Why didn’t he  turn off the lights. Who will answer my questions?There was deathly silence.

I went from room to room to find out,if someone was hiding.I was tired and scared. I felt at this moment what if the intruder attacks me from the back. I then decided to go to his bedroom. The closet was open.The bed was not made. My nephew was very particular about his room,he always made sure he left it in a squeaky clean condition. I kept thinking, ‘What is wrong’?

Then I saw what was beyond my imagination. My nephew was lying on the floor between the bed and the closet, he had no pulse,I tried to shake him but there was no movement, in ,I reached the phone, called my niece,she came over, she called 911 immediately.They came over,examined him and pronounced him “Dead”.

His parents were in shock.He never complained of any sickness. He was only thirty how could this happen to such a young man. The questions still are running through the head  of the parents,sadly there are no  answers!