Daily Prompt : Dormant

In response to daily post’s prompt : Dormant

The lion and the rabbit

The Dormant lion woke up when it felt someone tickling his ear. It roared so loud the tiny rabbit, jumped to run away. Unfortunately it couldn’t go too far, the lion caught it with its paw. He yelled and said,   ‘how dare you tickle my ear, I’ll eat you with one gulp.’

It scared little rabbit, it begged the king of the jungle to set it free, ‘my mom is waiting for me, it’s dinner time.’

‘Huh,’ said the lion, ‘you think I care if your mother doesn’t see you again, besides I’m famished, I want food now, I know you are a  tasty treat.’

The rabbit begged it not to eat it,  ‘my meat is not tasty at all, if you eat me you’ll get sick,  this is what mom said.’

‘Oh yeah, how does your mother know? I’d like to see your mom.’

Little rabbit led the lion to its mother’s place, they walked on and on and on, the lion felt tired, ‘he growled and said,  ‘if you don’t take me to your mom’s house soon , I will eat you right now.’

‘Let’s hop on, said the rabbit,  I can see my mom’s place, we’ll reach there in a jiffy.’

The lion started walking slowly, suddenly it collapsed, it closed its eyes and it started snoring.

The rabbit yelled, ‘yahoo, time to run .’

And he ran all the way home!

…………………………………… 🙂



365 writing Prompts: Fearful symmetry

Pick a letter,any letter. Now write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

A white rabbit hopped along the street merrily.

Ava followed it as far as she could.

And then came a lion roaring about.

Audacious animal where do you think you’re going?

Animal I am like you please don’t hurt me, he quivered!

Ah so you’re afraid you pesky four-legged creature!

All the animals worship me you should too.

Air blew the lion off the ground.

As I watched him with utter delight,

Aardvark  trotted and hollered:

“Aren’t we lucky to see him go!”