Everyday Inspiration, Day Two :Write a List

Things I wish:

I begin with this quote: If wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Yet I wish I could go back to my childhood days.

Watch my Mom cooking.

Meet the milkmaid who gave me cup of free milk.

Ask subedari( name of our maid) to teach me serious pushto(A language spoken by Pathans).

Tell Bari( our servant) to stop sleeping on the race course grounds.

Argue with our gardener also a jockey why he did not win the horse race.

Tell the vendor at the gate my Dad does not wear dhoti.

Sit on our lawn and entertain my father with gibberish.

Seek my father’s help with some Urdu words I could not read, so I could finish the book before my classmates.

I wish to hear my father calling Ranu ma I need your help.

My brother asking me to bring him a cup of tea.

My mom telling me, ‘you must eat the food I packed for you.’

You see these are wishes that cannot or will not come true.

………………………… o……………………………. 🙂

Discover Prompts, Day 29: List

Day 29: List

The prompt today takes me back to my childhood, when I was seven years old. If I was ever asked to do something my question was always why/(keno) in my mother tongue.

My eldest brother, who habitually made me run errands which someone else older than me could do, he’d ask me. I would look right at him and ask Why? He was in one of those moods that day when even if he saw a fly, he’d jump from his seat and yell out, ‘close the door I’m sick of seeing flies.’

If I’d known better I would have taken his temperature to see if my word, ‘why,’ would be tolerated at that moment. Of course not, first he said, ‘you know Ranu , curiosity killed a cat, just for repeating this word you’ll be punished you’ll have to make three cups of tea for me, one at a time, within thirty minutes.’

I knew making three cups of tea in thirty minutes won’t kill me, but ‘why,’ does he need three cups I told myself quietly.

I am not seven years old now, I cannot ask Mr. Huberman, ‘Why do you want us to make a list?’

I put my curiosity aside and said let me make a list for the dinner invitation I’m about to send to my imaginary friends, we are observing isolation and it would be unwise of me to invite people to dinner at this time.

This imaginary dinner can be tasty if I take the trouble of cooking, but who cares I’d like to have fun making this list.

To cook something I need a recipe and the ingredients I need for dinner.

Here is my list:

1. Rice

2. butter

3. onion

4. salt

The above are the ingredients required to make pilaf( pulao, in Bengali)

Ingredients to cook beef curry:

1. Boneless blade roast 3 pounds

2. onion 3 medium size, salt

3. spices: ginger, garlic, cayenne, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala( combination of whole cloves, whole cinnamon, pepper corn, cardamom, whole cumin)

4. Canola oil or extra virgin olive oil, ingredients required to cook beef

Ingredients for vegetable dish;

1. Cauliflower

2. Potatoes

3. tomatoes

4. spices, salt,

5. oil

Salad Dish:


1. cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, green and red pepper, and lemon juice

Dessert : Famous cheese balls of Bengal.


1. milk — 2 litres

2. sugar— 2 cups

3. Juice of three lemons to make the cheese.

If these ingredients are cooked well. It’ll be a wholesome dinner for our awesome guests. But COVID- 19 saved me from going through this trouble!

…………………………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompts: Kick It

pod-2016-sm.png (308×60)

What is the 11th item on your bucket list?

I haven’t thought of a bucket list yet. Let me make a list of things I’d like on my bucket list before this year is  over.

My number one item is to read twenty-five books in twelve months. I am about to start my fourth book, I’m doing well for number one.

Number two is clean up my basement, sadly there is nothing to report now.

Third item is to make sure the felines stop whining. A whiny cat is a terrible bore.

Fourth is I should do something nice for my neighbor, he was kind enough to shovel the end of my driveway.

Number five start working on the limerick challenge for this week.

Number six is get some training in window shopping, I’m always buying, this needs to be curtailed.

Seven is my lucky number, I must do something nice for me, I haven’t decided yet what will make me happy.

Eight is the number which tells me about my weight, it isn’t that bad, I tell my friend “Wait!”

Nine reminds me of fine, I must return the books on time.

Ten out of ten should always be my score on a test.

Eleventh item I feel must be a memorable one, “I must forgive the person who went out of line, for to err is human to forgive Divine!”

This is my post for today folks. 🙂




DP Daily Prompts: Linger

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Tell us about times in which you linger–when you don’t want an event,or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

There have been times when I wanted Time to Standstill. These are occasions when we invite our friends to dinner. It is a very enjoyable time.

It begins by me writing a list of things I’d like to cook for the guests, which dish of mine my friends like, what goes with it e.g, vegetables, rice, salad.

Once I make up my list I go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. Then it’s preparing the dishes. Some take longer than others. I enjoy preparing it for the friends.

I always ask my guests to come at 6 pm, so they can have fresh cooked food, I don’t have to wait after I’m done cooking, the food loses its taste if I have to keep warming it up.

The arrival of guests is the best part, we are in a jovial mood we catch up with what is new with them.Food good friends are a joy for me, it brings out the best in my friends, we talk about children, food, our recent travels. We leave out work it’s not always pleasant.

After dinner I serve coffee or tea with dessert, I’m always happy to see my friends, they end up staying longer, who would want the evening to end, I like it a lot when it lingers.


Writing Prompt: The satisfaction of a list

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one!  Top five slices of Pizza in your town, ten reasons Disco will never die, the three secrets to Happiness–go silly or go deep just go list-Y

These are my three secrets to “Happiness”

1. Mind my business

2. Become a serious thinker

3. Eat what I like


1. Mind my business: We live in a crazy world where minding my business may not be that easy. I am willing to try and see if it makes me completely insane or wiser than I am. My plan is to read my novel,it is a good one,the title is,” Art of Hearing Heartbeats”it’s translated from German by Kevin Wiliarty. It I hope will  take my mind off from thinking about the trivialities of life.

2. Become a serious thinker: This one will be a very satisfying thing for my heart and soul. I’d be able to hang out with the famous thinkers by reading their writings about their view on life. I’d learn from Iqbal about awareness of self,  from Tagore the the mysteries of his poems and songs. From Socrates about life in general.

3. Eat what I like:  I will buy everything I like from the super market. Each day I’d make a casserole to save time. If I get tired of the casserole I’d switch to chicken curry and rice. This will continue for a few days. My next dish I’d make would be vegetable Biriyani. This I hope will last for another week. I’d rotate this for a month. By the time the month is over I’d have had enough. Then it’d be sandwiches and soup.


I am positive minding my own business,becoming a serious thinker and eating what I like will keep my sanity in check and I’d be a very happy person!

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/365-days-april-15-thesatisfactionof alist/ 





Fiction: Furious

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Libby was on her way to the market to buy some groceries,her mother gave her a list of items she needed, Libby was walking along and singing her favorite song , “And he’ll be coming down the mountain with a banjo on his knee.”

Suddenly she heard someone calling, she looked around,lo and behold it was her best friend Felicity, running to catch up with her, Libby stopped to see why her friend was so desperate to talk to her.

Felicity: I was trying to stop you Libby, I heard  the stores were closed today,they’d  be open tomorrow.”

“I do not believe you Felicity, I’d have to find out myself, there is no reason for the stores to be closed, you go home, I’d see you after my shopping is done.

Felicity’s trick did not work, so she turned around and headed home, Libby continued walking,when she was close to the Supermarket she looked for her slip to check what was on it, but she couldn’t find it, she decided to go back home and get her mother to write another list, she found her mother waiting on the door step, when her mother noticed Libby with an empty bag, she completely lost it, it gave her a severe headache, it took three Tylenol pills to get better, she made up her mind never to send Libby for grocery shopping!!

DP Daily Prompt: Switcheroo post by Ranu

The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen

The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, I’d switch with Subhan Zein. He writes his poems so beautifully. He has a great talent for writing simple poems,that are very meaningful.His comments are wonderful,he seems to have a way with words. I will learn a thing or two, I think.

Then he has such a huge follower list. I won’t mind having them for a week. Who knows I might have them for keeps. Wouldn’t it be lovely!