Writing Prompt: Filling in the blank

Three people walk into a bar….they looked around to see who the other customers were. The bartender was in a jovial mood that morning he welcomed the three wholeheartedly, he had some fine customers that day,who left him with a whole lot of cash as his tip, since the morning started so beautifully he expected everyone who stepped in would do the same.

“I’m Raphael, I’m Ronald, and I’m Reginald”,they introduced themselves one at a time. Something about this introduction scared the bartender, he looked around for his assistant just in case there was trouble, but the damn fool went out on his break. The bartender despite his nervousness tried to act normal.

He smiled and said,”Pleased to meet you folks, what would you like?”

“We’d like some food, they spoke at once.”

“I only serve drinks ,” the bartender spoke timidly.

The three were livid, “You say you serve drinks only,” barked all three of them in one breath.

Suddenly the bartender seemed braver, what could be the reason,I thought. My friend whispered, ” He has informed the police,they are on their way.” 

I was excited I wanted to see what the three would do when the police arrives. 

When the police arrived, they pretended everything was fine, Reginald lowered his voice and said  “We’d see you soon”, so left the three R’s without saying a word.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/writing-prompt…g-in-the-blank


DP Daily Prompt: Talking in Your Sleep

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I had the unfortunate experience of overhearing my two older brothers and my older sister, since the conversation was about me I wanted to know what was irking them.

I was in the next room and they were not exactly talking softly to keep me from hearing them. My older sister deliberately spoke in her loudest voice, that I was in the city because I did not want to go to school. She totally ignored the fact that Mom sent me there to take care of the brother who was sick.

How did the conversation make me feel? I was livid, I packed my bag and went home.