My Unusual Experience

It was the month of November, 2018. I received my visa bill, before running off to pay, I checked to see why is my bill so high. I began checking down the line and when I stopped at a number, I nearly froze, I said out loud, why am I charged $655. 88? I only get local service from Bell Aliant the telephone company. My next question was from $87.05 to $655.80 is a huge jump. I then checked my October bill it was even higher $720.20. I realized I cannot just sit and ask myself questions. I needed to ask my long distance provider if I’m still getting service from them.

On the line was this guy who said: Your other provider de-activated our service.

My question who authorised them? I was not told anything about this change.

The guy had no answer for me. Rather than interrogate a person who had no idea, I dialled Bell Aliant, and asked what was going on. This time I had to deal with a guy with thick French accent. I knew I had to hang up and redial, hoping to get someone whose first language was English. Each passing minute was raising my blood pressure, I had lost over a thousand dollars in three months.

A female agent answered the call, I asked the same question why was my long distance provider changed without my knowledge, this agent wanted get off the phone as quick as possible, ‘O it’s an error,’ and she hung up.

I was getting frustrated each second, there seemed to be no one who could help me.

I refused to give up, I called again, this time the agent was co-operative, she told me they were investigating the matter.

I wasn’t satisfied I called again, this time the agent told me, I would hear from someone in a week’s time.

After four business days someone called me and left a message, asking me to call back, she had some questions.

I called back but the recording said, ‘leave a message, you’ll hear from the agent in forty-eight hours, because they were very busy.’

The agent called me back, I told her about my bills. She assured me they will refund my money in a few days.

This experience taught me a lesson, giving my card number, to charge it wasn’t such a good idea. There are crooks every where, if one is not careful even a telephone company can rob him/or her!