Daily Prompt : Local

In response to one-word prompt : Local

Here in my neighborhood, we have a small strip mall, there are a few stores here, but most of the space is  for parking. There was a time when there were no parking meters,  this convenience is no longer available because  the mayor thought it is a good opportunity to make money.

There are city workers whose only incentive is to watch the meters like a hawk, if God forbid a vehicle owner is late by a half a second, he’d have to pay a fine of fifteen dollars.

At the end of the parking lot the city has donated a small area for vendors to bring their local produce to sell.

One day I went to see what kind of produce the vendors were selling. One of the vendors’ had a variety of vegetables, what caught my eyes were green chillies. I picked one up, which was about the size of my index finger, now I wasn’t thinking of buying one but a nice bunch. I asked the vendor, ‘How much is this?’

She looked at me and said, ‘one dollar each,’ and added, ‘I grow it in my green house.’

I looked at her, said, ‘thank you,’  and came home.

I think the local vendors charge too much money for their produce. This is why they are unable to sell it!



DP Daily Prompt: Take a Chance on Me

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What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!


After completing two years in the local college, I decided to go to the big city and complete my degree there. I was a very shy teenager, I couldn’t handle well in a coed. atmosphere. I told my mom and big sis.I wanted to try in an all women’s college. I knew I’d be away from home and wouldn’t see my siblings and my mom for weeks and months, I still took the chance. 

I stayed in the residence with thirty-two other girls from various communities, I found it difficult every minute of every day I missed home. Week-ends were better, my uncle lived in the city,he’d come and pick me up on a Friday and dropped me off on Monday.

My teachers who were nuns did not like the arrangement at all, they reminded me I was there to study and if I leave every week-end they felt I wouldn’t be studying. After this particular conversation I stopped going to my uncle’s house, I wasn’t happy. Sr. Joseph Mary noticed it and agreed to let me go to my uncle’s on week-ends provided I took my books and studied there.

After two years I graduated and got my undergraduate degree. I’d say it worked out for me.





Writing Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

I am not completely sure what the prompt means. I have taken a few moments to think. My mind tells me “what do you think is the global problem.” I believe hunger is the most important problem in our present world. There are more people hungry than are not. So I’d have to think about my own community first.Hoping everyone will do the same. “They say charity begins at home”.

I feel I must find out how many  families in my community is having this problem. There are volunteers who regularly make sure people are getting enough.

Our post office workers go door to door to collect non-perishable food. I make sure I donate.

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