Tagore song: singer Hemant Kumar Posted and translated by Ranu

গোধূলিগগনে মেঘে ঢেকেছিল তারা
আমার যা কথা ছিল হয়ে গেল সারা ।।
হয়তো সে তুমি শোন নাই, সহজে বিদায় দিলে তাই –
আকাশ মুখর ছিল যে তখন, ঝরোঝরো বারিধারা ।।
চেয়েছিনু যবে মুখে তোলো নাই আঁখি,
আঁধারে নীরব ব্যথা দিয়েছিল ঢাকি ।
আর কি কখনো কবে এমন সন্ধ্যা হবে –
জনমের মতো হায় হয়ে গেল হারা ।।

The clouds in the evening sky covered the stars

I was able to say what was on my mind.

Maybe you didn’t listen,

which is why you bid me goodbye with ease-

The sky was resounding with shower of rain.

When I looked at you , you failed to look up,

The darkness quietly covered the pain.

Will there ever be an evening like this-

Alas it is lost forever!



Song by Muhammad rai:Mais zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya posted and translated by Ranu

I went along with life

accomplished what I could.

I  ignore any kind of worry

In my mind I knew to be

sorry in defeat was useless

Instead I celebrate  defeat.

Whatever I got in life

I considered it my destiny,

I erased loss from my memory

Where sadness or happiness

made no difference

I was happy  to accept it.

I went along with life

accomplished what I could

I ignore any kind of worry!

























NaBloPoMo Nov.14 I am Lost Ranu’s post


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I am lost

I don’t know

What will I write

I browsed through

the Reader

hoping to find the

prompts given by WordPress

On my way I found

My brand new friend,

Her name is Kavita

What a beautiful name

It means ‘Poetry’.

I stopped and read her poem,it is so amazing

I wish I could be as talented as her

Do drop by and read it yourself

If you don’t believe me.

I am back with nothing to write,

WordPress ,Can You Help Me?

NaBloPoMo Nov.6 song “Humko Humise chura lo”translation by ranu https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Humko humise churalo–Steal me from myself

dil mein kahin tum chhupalo— Hide me somewhere in your heart.

Hum akele kho na jaaye—- I might be lost if  alone.

door tumsay ho na jaaye — I might be far away from you.

Paas Aao galey sey lagalo—- Come closer and hug me.

Humko humise chura lo—- steal me from myself.

dil mein kahin tum chhupa lo— Hide me somewhere in your heart.

hum akele kho na jaaye— I might be lost if  alone.

door tumsey ho na jaaye—– I might be far away  from you.

paas Aao gale sey laga lo— come closer and hug me.

Yeh dil dhadka do—       Make my heart beat faster.

Zulfen bikhra doh—- let your hair loose.

Sharmake apna —- Bashfully

Aanchal lehra doh— wave the edge of your garment.

Hum zulfen toh bikhra dey, I can let my hair loose but

Din mein raat na ho jaaye— the day might turn into night.

Hum aanchal toh lehra dey—  I may wave the edge of my garment

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

par barsaat na ho jaaye—      but it might begin to rain.

honay do barsatein    —– let it rain

karni hain kuch batein—- I have to talk to you.

Humko humise chura lo—-steal me from myself.

dil mein kahin tum chhupa lo— hide me in your heart.

hum akele kho na jaaye—I might be lost if  alone.

Door tum sey ho na jaaye  — I might be far away from you.

Paas Aao galey say laga lo—- come closer and hug me.

Tumpe marte hain—     I will die without you.

hum mar jayenge—I will die

Yeh sab kehte hain—- they all say this.

Hum kar jayenge—-I will actually do it.

chutki bhar sindoor sey tum— with a pinch of the red powder,

ab yeh maang zara bhar doh—fill my parting hair.

kal kya ho kisney dekha— who knows what tomorrow brings.

sab kuch aaj abhi kar do— do everything right now.

paas aao gale sey laga lo— Come closer and hug me

hona ho sab raazi—- everyone agrees or not

dil raazi,rab raazi— my heart and God agrees.

Paas Aao gale sey laga lo—-come closer and hug me!

humko humise chura lo—- steal me from myself.

dil mein kahin tum chhupa lo— hide me somewhere in your heart.

hum akele kho na jaaye— I might be lost alone

door tumsey ho na jaaye—I might be far away from you.

Paas Aao gale sey laga lo—- come closer and hug me.

Above is the lyrics of the song,I translated it.It is a Bollywood movie of the nineties. The female voice was Lata Mangeshkar’s and male voice was Uddit Narayan’s. The language is Hindi.

Tagore song “Ami Pauth Bhola Ek pothik Eshechhi” translaion and post by Ranu

Latina: Jasminum sambac 'Arabian Nights' It is...

Latina: Jasminum sambac ‘Arabian Nights’ It is an evergreen vine or shrub, available in India. Common name: Arabian Jasmine ‘Arabian Nights’, Hindi: Bela, Telugu: Malli, Tamil: Kodi mulli, Manipuri: Jati pushpa, Bengali: Bel. Family: Oleaceae (Jasmine family). This photgrpah has been taken at Dhulagarh, Howrah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a lost traveler

visiting you.

I am evening’s jasmine dear

and morning’s Arabian jasmine

do you know me?

I know you young traveler

your colorful clothing flies in the forests.

In the month of phalgun,

you are an impatient fire,

In the night of the month of chaitra,

you are aloof.

We are floating towards you

Who is calling this homeless

crazy person,

in a humming tune,

when I roam around in the forest?

I the mango bud called you.

I dreamed of you before I saw you,

I loved you without knowing you.

When the day is done,

and I am finished playing in the heated sand,

ready to go on the road,

who will take the fallen flowers in the chariot?

I the creeper will take it.

When the dry leaves scatter,

at the sound of music,

who will be left?

I will  stay and be sad,

O the indifferent traveler,

the beautiful spring ,

will erase the pain of separation.

I the crazy traveler will laugh.

I am a lost traveler,

visiting you.

Getting Lost By R. Tagore___translated by Ranu

Getting Lost

My little daughter

she heard her friends calling her

she was going down the stairs to meet them

it was dark, she was scared ,she was taking careful steps.

She was holding a small open flame, little lamp,

she was cautiously keeping the lamp from the breeze with the corner of her sari.

I was on the roof watching the sky

in the dark night in springtime was full of stars.

Suddenly I heard my daughter crying

I ran down to see her.

While going down the stairs

a sudden gust of wind extinguished her lamp.

I asked her,’What is it Bami?’

She cried from downstairs, ‘I am lost.’

On that night of spring the sky was full of stars

I went back to the roof

while watching the stars I visualized as if I was a little girl like Bami

holding the corner of my blue sari

walking  alone ever so slowly protecting the lamp.

If the lamp was put out, stopped giving light suddenly,

there will be an echo of a tearful voice from the whole sky,’I am lost.’

Incomplete By Rabindranath Tagore___ translation by Ranu

This is a poem in which the poet talks  about all the things that he could not complete.

In life all the prayers I did not complete,

I know ,I know even then it is not my defeat.

The unopened flower  that fell on the earth,

the river that lost its flow on the desert,

I know ,I know even then it is not a loss.

In my life whatever is left incomplete,

I know,I know even then it is not false.

My future my  unblemished life

are playing in the strings of your lute__

I know, I know still they are not lost.

English: Photo of Rabindranath Tagore, taken i...

English: Photo of Rabindranath Tagore, taken in 1905 or 1906 by the poet and artist Sukumar Ray, father of Satyajit Ray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)