Playlist of the week Hindi songs posted by Ranu for 365 Writing Prompt

The above are songs from Bollywood,Hindi songs, four out of five have subtitles, the fourth one does not have subtitles. The song is about two thieves taken by police to jail, they make most of the ride by singing a song about their journey, by treating this ride similar to going to their  in-law’s house.

Enjoy at your free time.



DP Daily Prompt: Party Animals Post by Ranu

I am not much of a party lover.I go to ones where I have no choice. Last year I went to one I did not enjoy.Everyone in that house were screaming at the top of their lungs. They were all adults.No they were sitting beside each other. Why were they so loud? I do not know. Maybe they thought it was the only occasion  they  could show how happy they were.

So from my description,I hope it is obvious I hated being there. When I came home,I  promised not to go to one  of those parties any more. I had a splitting headache. I felt I was probably deaf from all that noise. The energy I had, diminished in few minutes.It was a terrible experience.