365 Writing Prompts: Write about evil

Write about evil: how you understand it( or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

In my mind evil carries a variety of meaning.I do not think everything we do is classified as an evil act or harmful. I believe one is evil when  his act is harmful.

I once convinced my uncle that my brother loves bony fish, which was a lie, he didn’t like any kind of fish,

Why did I do it,  I did it all in  jest of course,  I wanted to see whether he’d eat the fish my uncle specifically bought for him, Thinking it was my brother’s favorite he told the chef to  cook a variety of dishes using that fish.

It was lunch time, my brother noticed all the dishes were prepared with the same type of  fish, not knowing what to do he ate it very slowly or must I say he showed no enthusiasm, he quietly ate it.

My uncle was watching him, he whispered to me,”I don’t think your brother likes the food.”

I smiled and replied, “no, uncle he loves it, he’s just shy.”

Clearly in this case I certainly was evil, I knew better. But it did not harm my brother,he had to eat something he didn’t like.

Whereas a few years ago there were two ten year old kids, who lured a two year old boy to an unknown destination and killed him. This is what I think is an evil act, what was the consequence of this horrific crime? The two boys were not only spared,  their name was changed and  they were sent to  an unknown destination.

Those boys have grown up knowing that their evil act was pardoned,we are not aware what they are doing, how many other innocent people they might have killed.