Daily Prompt : Lust

In response to one-word prompt : Lust

History proves, lust for power is the cause of downfall of humans. Some humans fall due to their insatiable greed for money, more they have, more they want. It makes humans lose their conscience, they accumulate money by stealing, making deals with crooks, in the end trap themselves in a dire situation.

I remember reading about Mahmud of  Ghazni, who loved money, it’s obvious he amassed it by unfair means, it’s alleged by historians that in his deathbed he requested the people around him to show him all his money, when they did so, he cried because he couldn’t take it with him.

This proves money is not everything, it’s not the gateway to heaven more than likely it’s the gateway to hell, if the person got this money by deceiving, lying and cheating innocent people.

I am sure this craving for power and money is an addiction, it gives no peace to the one who has it and makes other people around him, concerned because his behavior is so unpredictable.

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