Daily Prompt : Juicy

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Juicy

On the backyard of our home in Comilla Bangladesh, we had a lot of mango trees. Some of the trees had mangoes that were really juicy, they were called chushnio  aam(mango  capable of being sucked) all we had to do was  make a hole on top and squeeze the  juice in our mouth.

I never liked mangoes but I had fun watching my brother sucking the juice of these special mangoes. He was little and had no idea how to hold the mango properly, so more juice ended up on his shirt than his mouth. I’d make fun of him and say, ‘looks like you shared the juice with your clothes and your face?’

You could see half of his face covered with yellow mango juice.   🙂

………………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt: GREEN

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Today’s Prompt: GREEN

Mango_Grove,_Nueva_Ecija.jpg (604×453)

This green mango orchard reminds me of my home in Comilla, Bangladesh.Our orchard was in the back of our house. When the time came to pluck mangoes, our servant was delighted to get some. He knew he’d be able to eat as many as he could.

I loved raw mangoes more than ripe ones, we peeled the skin, sliced into thin shreds, used some cayenne pepper, a bit of sugar and milk, we mixed  the mango slices with the sugar, spices,and milk. and served them in fruit bowls, the taste was delicious.

My mom liked ripe ones more. We also used mango slices in lentil soup. It made the soup a bit sour and tasty.

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