Daily Prompt : Massive

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Massive

Curious Stephanie

Three year old Stephanie was in a classroom listening to her teacher telling them a story about something large. She was attending a preschool because she wasn’t old enough to be in a regular school. Curiosity was one of her traits, her mother was unable to handle all the questions her little girl came up with daily.

Mom knew her daughter needed to go to a preschool where she hoped the teacher looking after the kids would be able to handle some of her questions if not all.

With this thought in mind Stephanie’s mom registered her in a nearby pre-school.  Each day her little one would come home and relate all the goings on in her new school. Mom was happy her decision to put Stephanie in school, not only relieved her from answering all her questions, but the kid was having a whale of a time.

As I said in the beginning Stephanie was listening to the teacher’s story about something large, she began to wonder what is large? Is it a person, an animal or a thing?

Immediately she raised her hand and asked, ‘Miss how large is large?’

Right at that moment the teacher couldn’t give her a satisfactory answer.  She told her to wait till the next day.

The following day, our little Stephanie was full of enthusiasm, she’d finally find out the real meaning of large. The teacher knew she had to show something to satisfy the little girl. She doodled a few pictures of tiny to large in sequence. She decided to use the specimen of a boat, there she had a tiny paper boat, a small wooden boat, a kayak, a power boat, a slightly larger passenger boat and lastly the TITANIC, the supposedly unsinkable boat.

The teacher asked the kids to name their sizes from tiny to huge.

They came up with:  tiny, small, big, bigger, large and, and…  Stephanie  yelled out MASSIVE. The kids looked at her and asked, ‘Stephanie who taught you this word?’

Feeling important as none of the kids knew this word, she explained she saw a boat named Titanic on TV, and heard her parents talking about it, it was a huge boat she said and everyone said it will never sink. But they were wrong it did sink and her parents told her, it was MASSIVE! It was a shame so many people died when it sank.

Thus ended the story of a gigantic boat that went down to the sea.



Writing prompt: Whoa

Yes I did have the most surreal experience in Malta. We, my whole class went to Malta for teaching practice. We were required to go to a Non-English speaking community for teaching practice.

We met some fine,friendly Maltese who were always ready to help. One of the Maltese girls knew an American. He was there with the sixth fleet. She made arrangement with him to take some of us there. I mean inside the sixth fleet.

At about 9 am we gathered to meet him. He took us for a ride in his speed boat and also to show the massive boat. Going there in a speed boat wasn’t easy for me ,I was giddy all along, I wasn’t able to enjoy the scenery,I couldn’t lift my head.

But when we set foot on that boat we were overwhelmed by what we saw. There were thousands of people working there. Our host showed us the fighter planes and all sorts of equipment. We had a great time asking questions and our host a very pleasant gentleman answered all our questions.

Coming back to shore was another terrible experience for me, I was sick and was relieved when we finally got off the boat.

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