DP Daily Prompts: Ready, Set, Done

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As it’s been a while since our last free write… set a time for ten minutes. Write without pause( and no edits) until you’re out of time. Then publish what you have( it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over).

Hazrat Bulleh Shah said “you read to become all knowing, but you never read yourself.”

Since I read this -post sent to me by my friend Robert, I spent a lot of time thinking, have I ever read myself, sometimes I do .whenever someone is nasty I wonder was I a bad person, because in my mind people just are not mean to you there must be a reason. I thought and thought but could not find anything I did. Isn’t this reading yourself or is there something deeper and I’m overlooking it.

Folks it is a swell idea to read yourself you might not do some of the things that are not good.I bought some furniture by looking at a picture, when it came I did not like it, I wanted to return it immediately but the sales lady kept ignoring me, now I think if she read herself she’d know it’s not a good idea to behave badly with your customers, you’d find no one wants to buy anything from you.

Is this making sense is this how we read ourselves?

I have since I read that post made an attempt to read me, I’m not sure of my success but I’ve definitely learned something from Hazrat Bulleh Shah!