Daily Prompt : Ruminate

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Ruminate

I ponder,  I think, I Ruminate,

What’s the matter with Uncle Tate?

He is always Mad,

Which is so Sad.

It’s time for him to calm down and Meditate!


……………………………………. ūüôā

Daily Prompt: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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Sleep is one-third of our lives. Write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling asleep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.

I have a definite pattern of sleep. I sleep regularly after ten pm, if I don’t I have difficulty sleeping. When I was very young I used to argue with my eldest brother about our traveling times. He always booked our train journeys at night. This meant I’d lose my sleep.

His reason was if we traveled at night we’d reach our destination in the day time. “But I’d lose my sleep I’d complain.”

As long as all the family members were okay with his decision, he didn’t care what I thought.

I don’t dream much when I sleep, occasionally I dream my purse has disappeared, or I lost something else. When I wake up in the morning I check if everything is in its place.

……………………………………….. ūüôā



I have spent years chasing the tail of my darkness.  Although my name is Jewel, I was anything but a Jewel. I laughed sometimes and thought I am not a nice person,why did my parents choose this name for me.   My parents died when I was a very young boy. I never enjoyed my childhood.  Early on I was into all kinds of trouble. I stole to satisfy my hunger. I envied the kids my age who were leading a better life than I. I never knew what love was. I grew up hating and cursing anyone who got in my way.

I was not proud of myself. I didn’t go to school. I could neither read nor write. I was tired of this dark life I was leading. I made up my mind to leave this darkness behind. I looked around to see which path was appealing. Suddenly I saw a giant oak tree. It caught my attention I followed ¬†the path that led to the tree. I felt the cool breeze. ¬†Nature was calling me. Humans didn’t comfort me. But nature was giving me the comfort I longed for. ¬†I sat under the tree ¬†and began thinking how to feel peaceful. I started to relax, this type of feeling was rare for me. I felt groggy and fell asleep.

Next thing I knew someone was calling me to wake up. Who could it be, I opened my eyes, staring at me was a lady in white. I’ve never seen angels but the word angel came on my lips. I uttered the word softly. She smiled and said, “I am Sara,I live close by, every day I come here for a walk, ¬†then I sit under this tree and meditate.”

I asked her what she meant by meditate, she said, ¬†” to meditate is to practice, ¬†training our mind to focus to reach a higher level of consciousness. You can meditate anywhere at anytime.”

I was happy to know I can really become a better person,if I learn to meditate.

I said, “I am Jewel, I am a very unfortunate man, I lost my parents when I was very young,I’ve spent a larger part of my lonely ¬†life loafing around. The things I did to fill my stomach will terrify you. It seemed this tree will lead me to the right path. I fell asleep hoping to find something or someone ¬†who will turn my life around when I’m awake. Maybe you can guide me to become a better person. This will be a miracle for me.”

“What kind of miracle are you looking for Jewel?”

“I want to come out of my dark and ugly life and become a good person. Do you think you can help me Sara?”

Her face brightened up when she heard my plea.

“Of course I’ll help you ,come with me. I live with my painter husband,he’s a good man, he and I will do what we can to make you happy.”

Thus started my life of happiness.  Sara and Gregoire changed my life. I learned to paint from Gregoire ,and Sara taught me how to meditate. We were happy.

I put my heart and soul to attain happiness. Whenever Sara thought I needed to relax,she’d invite me to play a game of cards. I’m embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about cards, with Gregoire and Sara’s help I learned the basics.

Now I think I am worthy of the name  Jewel. I know now when we try hard enough we can achieve happiness.

Dhoola Mandir Dusty Temple (Poem) by Tagore Translated by Ranu

Leave worship prayer adoration.

Why are you sitting in the  closed  corner!


Deity (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

Hiding in the dark what are you doing

who are you secretly worshipping,

Open your eyes look__ the deity is not in your room.

He has gone where the farmers are plowing__

the place where the rocks are broken to build roads all year!

In the blazing sun,exhausted ,he is with them all,

his hands are covered with dust___

like him you should change and join us.

Freedom? where can you be free,where is freedom!

The Lord is confined with his creation.

stop meditating,leave your flower basket,

let the clothes tear, let the dust cover you__

let’s work with the deity and perspire together.

The Passenger by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

This is my favourite poem of  R.Tagore.

‘The passenger ‘

There is space,yes I have space.

You are alone,you only have a bundle of  rice paddy.

We may have to sit close together ¬† it’s not that much____

maybe my boat will be a little heavy____

because of this  will you have to go back? There is space, there is space.

Come,come inside the boat.

If there is some dust let it be on your feet.

You are slender and slim like a winding plant, you have uneasiness in the corner of your eyes__

your tearful eyes,your fine complexion and your delicate dress,tells me .

you must have a place. Come, come in this boat.

There are all kinds of passengers .

They will get off in different places, they don’t know each other.

You will also for a little while    be a passenger in my boat,

when the journey is over  you will not listen  to me when I forbid you.

Since you are here  you also come. There are all sorts of passengers.

Where is your destination?

In which granary will you keep your bundle of paddy?

If you don’t want to tell me ¬† ¬†how is knowing be useful for me,

I will sit and meditate when my journey is over__

Which neighbourhood will you go to, where is your destination.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)