Daily Prompt: Your Number One

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What was the # 1 song when you were born?(not sure? You can find out here)Write about how      the song relates( or not!) to your personality.

I checked UK’s @1 song: Swing the mood

#1 Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson

And US # 1 song, cold hearted by Paula abdul

I’m sorry none of them relates to my personality.

I like songs that mean something, that are pleasant for my ears, where the song has melody, and the singer is serious about what he/ she is singing and there is a message.

Here is a song from sound of music which relates to my personality:

I hope you will enjoy this song. Best wishes to my friends. 🙂

…………………………. 🙂

Tagore song: songshar jaubeysong by hemant posted and translated by ranu

When worldly concerns  win over my  mind

When the heart does not awaken

Even then ,Oh Lord I  will worship you

I  will sit and sing your song.

Supreme spirit forgive me for my

indifferent mind’s useless gift

My preparation to worship you

lacks flowers

There is no melody in my devotion.

When worldly concerns  win over my mind,

When the heart does not awaken,

I call your name with parched throat

I wish my utmost that my deep love

for you will bring tears

in my mind

once soon you will on your own

fill my mind with  sweetness

on this hope I bestow my

empty heart on your feet.

When worldly concerns

win over my mind

when the heart does not awaken

Even then I will  worship you

And will  sing your song!