Daily Prompt: Memorize

In response to daily prompt : Memorize

Johnny goes shopping!

Johnny’s mother sent him to buy some groceries for her. She volunteered to write a list of all the things she wanted. Mom said Johnny,  ‘I’ll remember you don’t need to write a list.’

Little Johnny repeated everything his mom wanted. Every now and then he said out loud,  ‘mom wants a bag of sugar, a packet of tea, a litre of milk, a pound of flour, a dozen eggs.

His aim was to go to the little corner store, while walking along the road, he met his friend, Donny. They stopped and started talking, Donny said,  ‘John let’s watch the soccer match.’

‘No,’ said Johnny,  ‘I’m going  grocery shopping  for my mom, I can’t watch the match.’

‘Please,’  said Donny,   ‘just for five minutes.’

‘Okay,’ says  Johnny,  ‘only five minutes, mom needs these soon.’

Donny says,  ‘let me see the list.’

‘It’s in my brain,’ yelled Johnny!

‘Did you memorize the list?’  asked Donny.

‘Yes,’ Johnny  was losing his temper.

‘I bet you don’t remember,’ Donny laughed.

‘Yes I do,’  Johnny was angry and tried to remember, the list. He tried to repeat it.

Let me see, a pound of eggs, coffee beans, a jar of salt, and potatoes. He felt confident these are the things his mom wanted.

While buying groceries, he couldn’t remember how many potatoes he should buy. He picked up salt, coffee and a dozen roses. When he asked the sales girl for a pound of eggs, the girl burst out laughing, ‘We do not sell eggs by the pound, they come in half a dozen or a dozen, check your list.’  She said.

Johnny’s memory  failed him, what will he do?

He paid for the rest of the items but left out eggs.

He found his mom waiting at the door,   ‘What took you so long?’ She said.

With tears in his eyes he admitted, ‘Mom I’m so sorry I could not remember the things you wanted!’




Writing 101: fifteen minutes free writing

The clock is adjusted , I am ready to write. I am going on a journey, the sun is shining, the day is looking bright. I will follow the sun and see where I will end up.

It’s an early morning sun, the birds are flying about welcoming the beautiful day and I am walking breathing in the lovely pure air. I see a small hut yonder, will I go to see who lives there, yes my mind is made up.I am walking the path seems endless, if I was Tagore I’d make up a poem for everyone to read. I cannot, although I love reading poems and memorizing them. I failed to develop the skill of writing poetry.

I should not be distracted my aim is the hut, the little one. How much longer is the path I ask myself,who knows I’ve never walked along this path.

Wait now I’m almost there, I see a little boy playing with his spin top, it’s a very inexpensive toy, I tell you truthfully the pleasure you get from this little man made device is equal to none. I’m distracted again, I was talking about the boy.Oh look he is waving out to me, I must find out why.

Here I am he is showing me his top, he tells me he got it last night before he went to bed. This is his being good gift, he wants me to play with him, Okay I say,” but I cannot spin it like you , can you teach me?”

The boy replies, “it’s easy , I will teach you.”

I spent a full twenty minutes but could not spin it the way he did.

Time’s up  the clock says!


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DP Daily Prompt: Tagline

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Often, our blogs have taglines. But if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

My tagline would be, “I was born to be a teacher”.

When I was seven going on eight, I was able to know my siblings were not learning to read Urdu they were memorizing every page in the book. I also recognized the teacher my father hired was unable to teach.

I knew how to get the attention of the students I taught, I did well.

In my mind teaching with love is an Art most successful especially when one is teaching  children. Children look forward to teachers who have patience and love, kids are intuitive by nature they can tell which teacher can get their attention.





365 Writing Prompt: All grown up

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up(if ever)?

I was always curious about everything. I think I was eight years old, my Dad hired a new teacher for my younger siblings, he was employed to teach them Urdu.

One day I wanted to see how my siblings were doing, there they were repeating every word that their teacher was saying, the teacher knew the whole book by heart. He had his eyes closed and in a sing song tone was reciting the words.

Something to me wasn’t right I thought, my siblings I didn’t believe could read, they were able to repeat what their teacher was saying. I waited for them to complete the lesson for that day, when they came out, I grabbed my sister I told her I didn’t think any of them could read, after continuous repetition they were able to deceive me by opening the book and pretended to know they can actually read.

I told my sister, “I bet you cannot read it.”

She insisted she can , I said: “then read.”

I opened a page in the book and asked her to read.

She said, “I want to start from the first page.”

I was convinced none of them learned to read.

I told her if she can read what difference does it make if I open the book at any page, she should be able to read. My sister stayed quiet, there was nothing she was able to say.

I went to Dad and told him the teacher does not know how to teach and my siblings after all these months cannot read a single word. They can read without opening the book. You know what that means they have memorized the whole book.

My Dad was upset, he immediately  fired the teacher .

That day onward I felt like a grown up I was able to point out to my Dad that the teacher he hired for our younger siblings was not capable of teaching!

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