Sunday’s feature: From Ranu’s kitchen, famous Bangladeshi dessert, Ras gulla blogging 101

IMG_1032Today I’m posting our famous dessert recipe and a photograph taken by me. I’m not a seasoned photographer, therefore there will be flaws for which I apologize. I have not practiced enough to make it perfect, sorry.

Recipe for Rasgulla(cheese balls in syrup):


  1. Whole milk- 2 litres
  2. fresh lemon- 3 squeeze to get the juice , set it aside
  3. plain white flour- 2 tablespoons
  4. soft butter-2 tablespoon
  5. Method:
  6. pour the milk in a round pot with a lid(the lid will be useful later)do not cover, slowly bring the milk to a boil, when it comes to full boil, pour the juice of the three lemons, wait for a few minutes until the milk curdles and cheese is formed. Use cheesecloth to drain the water. When the water is drained completely, squeeze the cloth to make sure all of the water is drained and the cheese is lukewarm. Take the cheese  out of the cheese cloth and put it into a bowl large enough to be able to knead. Add butter and the tablespoons of flour. Mix it in the cheese and knead it. when the cheese is smooth and doesn’t crack, when you try to make into little balls, it is ready. It makes about eighteen balls.
  7. Syrup ingredients:
  8. Water- 6 measuring cups
  9. sugar- three measuring cups
  10. Use the same pot to make syrup, wash the pot thoroughly , pour the water and sugar and place it on the stove top, turn on the heat to medium, when the sugar dissolves turn up the heat to full boil, when the syrup is slightly sticky,put about nine cheese balls to avoid them from rubbing each other, otherwise the balls would break. Cover the boiling cheese balls in syrup at  high heat for five minutes. Turn the heat slightly, continue boiling for ten minutes this time, after fifteen minutes, turn down the heat to medium and leave the cheese balls for twenty minutes more in the syrup. The last  ten minutes turn the heat to simmer. While cooking you must make sure the syrup is not too thick, if it is have some plain boiled water and add it gently. Do not put too much.
  11. After forty five minutes take the cheese balls out gently. At this stage they are very soft, it’s a good idea to wait about five minutes, and then take them out one at a time and place them in a serving bowl, save the  the syrup for the next batch.
  12. Repeat the same method for the remaining cheese balls, when all eighteen are cooked put them in the same serving bowl and pour the remaining syrup over the cheese balls.
  13. Enjoy!
  14. …………………………….. 🙂

DP Daily Prompt: Wronged Objects

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

If your furniture , appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

There is quite a number to choose from, in my opinion the refrigerator is the most used item in my house, we expect it to work 24/7 yet we do not take care of it as we should.

Two days ago my fridge shut itself off, I guess it wanted us to feel its importance, and thought we must know what will happen to us if it’s out of order.

I immediately got rid of a lot of food items to lighten its load, some vegetables inside were rotting, there were a whole bunch of herbs I didn’t know about, they were removed.

I did not want the milk to spoil, my daughter, took out the carton and boiled it to avoid the possibility of rotting.

I also called the repair man to check the appliance, the man came the following day, checked it, his verdict, “there’s nothing wrong with your refrigerator.”

It took eighty four dollars and sixty-nine cents to find out the fridge was fine.

I thought the fact that we removed a lot of things, such as sauces, empty bottles, rotting vegetables, the appliance turned itself on.

The lesson I learned is we cannot take anything for granted even if it’s an inanimate object,I owe my refrigerator the biggest apology!

DP Daily Prompts: In Transit

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Train stations,airport terminals,subway stops:soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies,magical sets for fleeting interlocking human stories.

I had quite a memorable day today,I woke up at 3.30 in the morning, took a shower,it was cold wet day,the fact I have to travel today wasn’t so exciting. I had my breakfast, called a cab my daughter and I took our baggage, boarded the cab on our way to the airport,you’d think there won’t be too many passengers this early in the morning you’re wrong we had a lot of them,we were taking advantage of the low fare.

There we were standing in line to get into the lounge, not so fast they said we must see what you’re taking with you. We checked in without any problem. There was one stop before Montreal.

We landed at Halifax airport, we had to leave the aircraft and go to the lounge,I thought we’d have to board another aircraft, but that was not the case, while I was panicking  they wouldn’t be able to transfer our luggage on to the next aircraft in fifteen minutes, my daughter said very calmly, “no Mom we’ll go in the same plane, they do this all the time i.e., get the passengers out of the aircraft, and in fifteen minutes tell them to board the same aircraft.”

It didn’t make sense to me, the only difference was we sat in different seats in the same aircraft.I have traveled before, we always had to take another plane,   what’s the use of complaining this is the normal procedure so I must ,”Grin and bear it.”

Did I have time to look around to see how other passengers were coping, I didn’t, I only saw a passenger traveling with her husband and newborn twins,those adorable twins hadn’t a care in the world,they were busy drinking milk from the bottle.

Finally from Halifax we took off on our way to Montreal, In an hour and twenty minutes we landed, then there was a rush to get to the baggage section to retrieve our suitcases.  We hired a cab and came to the house we rented.

It was sunny when we landed now it is cloudy and I see drops of rain falling.I told myself thank God it’s not snowing!