Writing 101,day-20

The future

Image by Cheri @wordpress

The image is so attractive,I had to use it in my last post. I hope you don’t mind Cheri.

Some prompts to get you started.

Next month I plan to..

What does the remainder of 2015 hold for you?

I believe that my future looks….

In the future I could do without

5,10, 20 years from now……

I have registered to do the course on poetry offered by WordPress. Poetry is my favorite subject. I love reading it, memorizing it and reciting it.

When I was studying in the lower grades, we were encouraged to read, memorize and recite it in school.

I have done it in three different languages; English, Bengali(my mother tongue) and Urdu I studied in school and college.

In English I was introduced to H.W. Longfellow, William Wordsworth and a whole host of poets, whom I adore.

In Bengali, there were a lot too, but Tagore reigned supreme in my heart.

Urdu: I loved Mirza Ghalib’s poetry, lately I have begun to understand and appreciate, Allama Iqbal’s poetry.

This is why I picked to do a course on poetry with WordPress. I’m hoping it will help me to write poetry.

I cannot believe we are doing the last assignment already. This time I met some awesome bloggers. Mireille’s journey to health posts, teaches me new things everyday.

Marianne is a wonderful writer, she has introduced some helpful hints to improve my writing.

Jacqueline is a dear, a very talented blogger, who has such a warm and friendly style.

Susurras has kindly given me some instructions how to link the posts.

Spirit dancing’s latest post: Why I went gluten free is a must read post.

Here is the link:


Last but not least Cheri and Ben Huberman have been awesome, I hope they’ll continue to help us in our upcoming endeavors, Thank you all from me, Ranu, for helping with things  I would never have learned had I not met you all .

My very best wishes to everyone in this course. I’d love to meet you all again. 🙂


DP : Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda…

Tell us about something you should do….. but don’t.

There are many things  I should do..but don’t. I got the idea from Michele of WordPress. One of the most important ideas from “Blogging 101” is be a good neighbor, I feel terrible to admit I haven’t done that at all until we got the assignment.

I met some awesome neighbors, Mireille’s health journey, ‘Along the side of the road’ I met   Marianne and her post post S.M.A.R.T.

‘Urge to wander’ is Madhu’s blog, she wrote a post in memory of her friend, Christine she passed away a year ago.

Now I get the post from  these great neighbors whom I didn’t know before, now that I am lucky to find them, I enjoy reading their posts a lot.

This morning Mireille had a guest post, her guest posted an awesome recipe with apricot. I loved it so much I reblogged it, I know my friends will love the recipe.

I think I will say hello to more neighbors, it will be helpful and I also want to be a good neighbor.

………………………………. 🙂

Blogging 101,Day Nine: Get Inspired

Today’s assignment: Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link with the other blog!

One of the blogger’s I met is Mireille, her post title is , “Mireille’s Journey To Health”, this is her link http://wp.me/p5kqMI-rl.

I liked her post, here she emphasizes on food. She says starving to get skinny did not make her happy, she decided to look after her nutrition and what are the foods that works to have a healthy body.

She also mentions she has a family history of breast cancer , she’d like to avoid any negative impact on her own health.

In my comment I wrote she made a good choice by thinking about her health. There are so many products in the market, it’s confusing.

It’s inspiring to note her journey to health. She stays close to nature, she eats natural food, she also uses household products and deodorant close to nature.

When I read her post I realized how we are introduced to new products every day. It’s not easy to pick what is good for us.Years ago they told us coconut was bad for us. Recently they are claiming coconut oil  is the best thing for us, we can use it  in cooking, we can use it as a moisturizer.

Now they are telling us Canola oil is bad for us, and we should stop using it to cook food.