Friday food feature: Chicken Mughal Style and Mixed vegetable

Today’s feature is Chicken Mughal Style and mixed vegetables

When Mughals came to the Indian sub-continent they brought with them fine architecture, music and food.My recipe for chicken is named “Shahi Chicken Qorma”.

The following is the recipe for chicken.

Ingredients:1. Chicken-one medium size

2. red chillies or cayenne- 1 teaspoon

3. ground coriander-2 nteaspoons

4. Salt- to taste

5. Mixed spices or garam masala- 1 teaspoon

6. Yogurt- 2 tablespoons

7.Ghee ( clarified butter) – 6 tablespoons

8.bay leaf-two leaves

9.fresh garlic- two cloves, grind it into a paste

10. Ground fresh ginger-1 tablespoon

11.Onions-three medium size( slice thinly)

Method :

In a medium pot, heat ghee or clarified butter, add two medium onions thinly sliced, fry until the onions are lightly brown. Add garam masala, fry for thirty seconds.Add the chicken pieces, fry them for five minutes.Next add the remaining spices, garlic, ginger, coriander,bay leaf, cayenne, and salt.Add a cup of water, when it dries up add the yogurt, stir and mix it well. continue to cook until the chicken is not raw. Here in North America the chicken gets soft very quickly, so the time depends on where the chicken is bought from. In Bangladesh where I am from a chicken almost takes an hour to soften. This is not the case with the chicken here in North America. Here it takes less time, it is up to the cook to make adjustments. Feel free to add or subtract the spices according to your taste buds. 🙂

Mixed vegetable and Shahi Chicken Qorma

Mixed vegetable recipe: ingredients:

 1.Frozen mixed vegetable- 1 bag

2. curry powder- 2  teaspoons

3. cayenne- 1 teaspoon

4. salt- to taste

5. vegetable oil – 3 tablespoon

6. onion – 1 small diced.

Method: In a medium saucepan , heat the oil in medium heat, add diced onions fry until they are transparent. Add the spices and the salt ,  mix and fry for a minute. Add the bag of vegetables, mix thoroughly with the spices and onion mixture, when the vegetables are coated well turn the heat down to low medium cover and let it cook for five to ten minutes. Pour the vegetables in a serving dish. It’s ready to eat.

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Dp Daily Prompt: ‘Simply Irresistible’ Ranu’s post


Vegetables (Photo credit: Professor Bop)

I have two favorite dishes, ‘Beef and Fresh Mixed Vegetables’. I like a preparation of beef, it is my most favorite and my friends and family like it too. I wrote the recipe on one of my blog post.

I never say no to vegetables. I like all varieties that are available. My favorite vegetable dish is a combination of cauliflower,tomatoes,potatoes, green peas,I also include egg plant in this mixture. It is delicious.I use a lot of spices as well.

Rice is also important for me. I like to eat the beef and vegetables with rice.

DP Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul(and the Stomach)Ranu’s post Ranu’s Post

Beef Curry

Beef Curry (Photo credit: avlxyz)

My favorite meal is curried beef with mixed vegetables and lentil soup and boiled rice

Boiled rice

Boiled rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. I like eating it more than preparing it. Since I can only eat ,if I cook it.I have no choice but to prepare it.

When I was young,occasionally my Mom used to cook beef.I thought she was the best cook in the whole world. My Dad was a fussy eater,if food didn’t look good or taste good,he’d call me and tell me to give it to my Mom.I of course thought what a nice gesture. One day at lunch he called me to take the food for Mom,I was  my jovial self humming a tune,Dad wants to share the food with Mom.

I was calling Mom from a distance,when I reached her,I gave her the food,I said,”Dad wants you to eat it”. Mom was so angry I

Lentil soup

Lentil soup (Photo credit: fifikins)

thought she’d hit me. I didn’t know what I did wrong.She calmed down when she saw me crying. She said,”Don’t you know when the food is not tasty,he sends it to me”. How was I going to know,no one told me. I noticed whenever this happened the servants would disappear,and I’d have to take the brunt from both my parents.

But beef curry,my Mom made was so tasty,I’d go for seconds. My brother Rafique was irritated with my love for beef curry.He once remarked,” If you eat so much beef you’ll turn into a cow”.  Those were the days my friend I thought would never end.It did come crashing down to an unfortunate end!