DP Daily Prompt: An Extreme Tale

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities.

When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

We were a happy family, Mom and Dad and us the brothers and sisters. We went to the best school in the city, we lived in a twelve room house, it was rented we didn’t own it. Our kitchen was not in the main house.

We had a beautiful garden in front of our house, there were three Eucalyptus trees right in front.

Life was good we ate delicious food cooked by our mom, we played, we roamed around near our house to find out who were our neighbors.

My mom loved pets we had pigeons, roosters, hens, ducks, rabbits and two cows, the cows were there for milk.

We had nothing to complain everything was running smooth.

Then it happened what we never dreamed of, our Dad died, I was only twelve. Things went from bad to worse, mom announced we’ll have to leave our favorite city and move to her home in Bangladesh.

At my age at that time I did not understand what all this meant. Within six months our things were packed what we couldn’t take were left behind.

We took a flight from Lahore to Dhaka, then from the airport we went to  our uncle’s house and stayed there for a few days.

After a few days we went to our grandpa’s village home, our grandparents were not alive but our uncle and aunt lived in the house.

A year later we moved to a house my elder brother bought in Comilla, Bangladesh. It was a small house compared to the one we left in Rawalpindi.

We all felt the absence of our Dad, we realized there will be no one buying pastries from the vendor for us, besides in this town there were no vendors selling pastries, there were vendors who sold vegetables, meat and fish only.

I could not take admission in a school, because the medium of instruction was Bengali,  I had always studied in an English school, they had one school where the medium of instruction was English it only had  up to grade six. I was in a higher grade therefore I studied home and decided to prepare for high school exam privately.

My Dad left a fair amount of money, it was sufficient for us, my eldest brother convinced my mother to let him start a business. He had no experience, yet my mom thought he’d do well.

In one year my brother lost all the money my Dad saved for us, we were in a dire situation, fortunately two of my older brothers were working they helped us through this hardship.

My mother was heartbroken she never faced such a terrible situation in her life. She was a very pious lady which must have helped our family.

It took us a long time to change our fate, we did not give up. It taught us one thing, that  life has its ups and downs, only the braves survive,we accomplished our goals each one of us, now we look back and tell ourselves we survived because of our mother, she reminded us daily, we must be strong willed or else we won’t make it.

Here I am narrating about our pleasures,pain, struggles and how we stuck to each other till we were self-sufficient!






Fiction: The Story

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Felicia came home from school one afternoon, her mother asked the usual question, “How was school today?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said nothing, in the evening her friend Mabel came for a visit, she went to Felicia’s room ,her mother noticed they were whispering to each other, she stood behind the door to listen, she overheard them talking about a story, a story, is this why Felicia seemed worried, she kept quiet and went to fix supper.

Supper time Felicia’s mood was better, her mom didn’t ask any further question, she waited for her daughter to tell her why she looked unhappy that afternoon.

After supper the family went to their favorite place where they could discuss about their day, Mr. Stewart talked about his work, Mrs. Stewart discussed about her shopping in the super market, Felicia raised her hand and complained about the story they have to write, her mom and dad said at once, write about our trip to grandma’s place.

Felicia was pleased she’d have reams to write about, starting from the day they arrived, the food grandma cooked, the pets grandma had, grandma’s friends and a whole bunch of other things, she went to her study room and started writing, when she was done,she was so proud of herself, she could imagine her teacher saying, “Why Felicia this is a wonderful story, look at the pages there are so many, I’m proud of you?”





DP Daily Prompt: Just Another Day

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Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over.What’s your favorite daily ritual?

My everyday most important ritual is to wake up at 4 am in the morning, it is changing everyday due to the longer days. I wash and get ready to say the prayer before sunrise. It takes me twenty-four minutes to complete it. The morning prayer only takes about seven minutes, I’ve added few more where I pray for my Mom,Dad, brothers, sister,nephew and niece who are not with us anymore. 

I’ve also included my very dear writer friend . It gives me great pleasure to pray for all of them. I do not know whether my prayers will be answered or not,I do tell myself I’m praying for their well-being so there will be no question in the mind of God about my real motive.

After the morning prayer I go back to bed to see if I can  sleep,if not I get up, talk with our two cute kittens what they’ve been up to and to my daughter what her plans are after work.

Next on the list of other things is I find out what the writing prompt is and try to write something, if it is a repetition of a previous prompt I skip it.

I cook supper, for lunch I make a sandwich for myself. I read my book by Reza Aslan, he is an excellent writer and I find his writing enjoyable.

I watch some TV when my chores are done, I also read posts of bloggers I follow, they are terrific writers. These are some of the things I do daily.

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DP Daily Prompt: The Interview ( My favourite fictional character) post by Ranu

Portrait of Roald Dahl,1954 Apr. 20

Portrait of Roald Dahl,1954 Apr. 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have chosen my favourite fictional character from  Roald Dahl’s book,”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, It is a story book for children. I taught in a school in Gander. I looked for ways and means to get the kids interested to read. This was a book I and the kids in my class enjoyed very much. I read the book several times and played the role of the characters as I read the story. The kids loved it and were soon running to the library to get the book.

The main character is Charlie Bucket,he is a skinny little boy who never had enough to eat,his family was extremely poor. Charlie loved chocolate. His father bought one bar for him every year as his birthday present. He ate little bit once a day so it could last him a long time. Willy Wonka was the owner of the famous chocolate factory. He thought of holding a competition ,in it there were five golden tickets wrapped on chocolate bars. Anyone who found one would qualify to visit his factory. The five tickets were scattered in different countries. One by one the tickets were found,there was only one left. Charlie was hoping he could find the last ticket.

My fictional character is Charlie Bucket,he is the main character in the story.

Ranu:  Hi Charlie, how are you?

Charlie: I am quite well thank you.

Ranu: I want to ask you a few questions,is it all right? By the way I am Ranu,I am a blogger from WordPress.

Charlie: Sure, Ranu,  What’s on your mind?

Ranu:  How did you feel,when you knew there was only one golden ticket left?

Charlie: I was disappointed,I did not think I am lucky enough to find the last one.

Ranu: What did you do?

Charlie: I was walking on the road one cold morning,I noticed something on the pavement.I picked it up, it was a one pound bill.I was ecstatic.I went to the nearest store and bought two chocolate bars.

Ranu: Did you eat the bars immediately?

Charlie: No,I stood in the store and slowly opened the first bar.

Ranu: Was the golden ticket there?

Charlie: No, it wasn’t.

Ranu: How did you feel?

Charlie: I was disappointed.

Ranu: Did you open the second bar?

Charlie:  I thought for a while,then hoped maybe God would be kind.

Ranu: Did you decide to open the second bar, to try your luck?

Chocolate:  Oh Yes, I did ,and do you know what I found the golden ticket,I ran home,I told my grand parents and my Mom And Dad.

Ranu : Who went with you?

Charlie: My dearest Grandpa Joe.

Ranu: Did you have fun?

Charlie: It is something I will never forget!

Ranu: Thank you Charlie, for answering my questions,all the best to you,your parents and your grandparents.Good bye!

Charlie: Good bye!