Rafi song –Mujhe darde dil ka pata na tha posted and translated by Ranu

A Hindi song, posted and translated by Ranu

I knew nothing of heartache,

Why did I meet you

I was happy and had fun alone

Why did I meet you

We were lost in our journey

In far off places

We were traveling separately

Why did I meet you

I’m not a moon giving light

in the evening

Neither am I a lamp of healing

I’m only a small lamp of the road

Why did I meet you!


Daily Prompt : Moon, a song by Tagore, sung by Sraboni Sen and translated by Ranu

In response to daily post’s prompt : Moon

Here is a Tagore’s song about the Moon

The smile of the moon has reappeared

There is light everywhere

O night flower pour your nectar

The crazy wind fails to understand

Where the call is coming from

In the flower garden

I fall in love with

whoever happens to be beside me

The face of the blue sky

Is smeared with the moon’s light

A couple of swans in the forest this evening

Have spread their wings in delight

O moon what are you spreading on earth

Who is the lady lighting the lamp in the bridal chamber

In Indira’s abode!


Bengali Song:translated and posted by Ranu

The drummer is playing his musical note,

His overflowing cheerfulness

fills the sky with gleams of moonlight,

Everyone is encouraged to run

To this place on earth

To rejoice and build a new life.

Time is passing by speed up,

The clouds are rumbling

At the edge of the moon

Sister Parul is asking sister Chompa

To run fast, the vendors are yelling

for everyone to gather quickly

The flutist is doing his job

Telling without everyone’s presence

Life will be meaningless.

This land belongs  to you and me

We will work hard and make

our farms filled with

golden rice fields.

Run run every one

there is no time to waste.

The clouds are rumbling

at the edge of the moon

We must meet soon

Before the storm stops us!







Letter: M


I recall the Moments of my life

When the Moon and sun

Did not look right!


What is wrong My dear

Said my Mother,”Is everything

All right, please tell Me!”


I’ve told you many times

Dear Mother,but you 

have only a one track Mind


You prefer to trust Minu

More than Me

This is My real problem

Mother please trust Me!




DP Daily Prompt: Walking On The Moon

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

I saw some pictures of astronauts on the moon,it looked like they were hopping. I know lack of gravity made them look like they were walking in slow motion. Whatever we choose to call it I guess we are free to do so.

When I first tried to walk on ice I wasn’t sure I’d be able to succeed without falling and breaking my leg. I managed to walk slowly, every step I took felt like it was an accomplishment.

It might seem weird to people who are born and brought up in a cold country, to them walking on ice is no big deal.

I was born and brought up in a country where the word snow is unknown. When I tell them how difficult it is to walk on snow or ice

they do not get it.

Although I live in a cold country now , I still am scared to walk on snow or ice.


Tagore song, Singer-Indranil Sen translated and posted by Ranu

Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa "The Pearl&...

Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa “The Pearl” (Photo credit: nipplerings72)

മലയാളം: കദംബം

മലയാളം: കദംബം (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moon’s obstruction is removed,

it’s light is overflowing

O tuberose pour your nectar.

The crazy breeze understands not

where is the summons coming from.

In the garden whoever is beside me

makes me fall in love.

O tuberose pour your nectar,

Moon’s obstruction is removed ,

Its light is overflowing.

The blue sky is smeared with


The swan in the forest

spread its wings.

Taking the filament of Amaranth

how are you spreading the moon?

Who lit the lamp in the bridal chamber?

Moon’s obstruction is removed,

It’s light is overflowing,

O tuberose pour your nectar!

DP Daily Prompt: Who Is The Dearest Person In This World? Post by Ranu

Moon (annotated)

Moon (annotated) (Photo credit: hypergenesb)

Moon asked the stars,

The stars asked thousands out there,

Who is the dearest person in this world?

I said,”It is my Dad,my Dad.”

Tall handsome and brilliant,

This is how I saw my Dad.

He spoke many languages,

He helped me when I was in need.

He scolded me when I was wrong.

He was affectionate beyond words,

He was concerned when I was unhappy,

He made sure he knew the cause.

He taught me all I know.

He was a very protective Dad,

He always had time for me,

Even if he was busy.

He cautioned me to beware,

“Do not let anyone take advantage

of you”,he would say.

I feel sad when I think of him,

He passed away ,

When I was very young.

I always wished,

He would be with us longer.

When the moon,stars asked thousands,

Who is the ‘Dearest person on this earth?’

I put my hand up way up pointing the sky,

It has to be my Dad, my Dad,

“He deserves the title more than anyone else”.

Tagore Song of happiness posted by Ranu

Ananda dhara bohichey bhubone  Words in Bengali

The poet is telling everyone to be happy, he says

Happiness is flowing through the universe.

The juice of life overflows,

as the day progresses into night.

The sun and moon take it in gladly

with their radiant light.

Why are you not happy?

what is making you sit quietly

immersed in your lonely thoughts?

Join the universe in this happy moment.

Open your heart and look what life has to offer.

Do not waste your time in petty sorrows.

Fill your heart with all the love,

the world offers you!

A song by Tagore Translated by Ranu

English: Night sky with moon and clouds, in Th...

English: Night sky with moon and clouds, in Thailand (forgotten location, unidentifiable location) Русский: Ночное небо с луной и облаками (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you came in the dark

the moon did not rise on the bank of the ocean.

Oh stranger, I felt your presence,

your song touched my heart.

When you went alone

the moon rose in the night sky.

your garland was visible on the way___

it made me realize who the garland was intended for.