365 writing Prompt: Ready for your close-up

Cast the movie of your life.

My original homeland is Bangladesh.My father was born in a village. It’s name is “ABURKANDI”,it is a small village in Bangladesh.

My father always believed  one should know,his/ her mother tongue before any other language. We were encouraged to speak our mother tongue when we were in the house.My mother tongue is,”BENGALI”. It is spoken in Bangladesh and the Indian states of west Bengal.

I learned Urdu from  neighborhood kids and later learned to read, write and speak it. I learned English in school where the medium of instruction was English.

Later on I learned some French in the university, it happened when I saw a lady in our university. Naturally curious I asked some of my friends who she was, I was told she taught French. I got interested and asked the lady if I could join her class,at first she refused because she had started the course two months ago and didn’t think I could catch up. She gave in when I promised I’d work hard.  I did well according to the teacher.

When I came to Canada, little bit of french I learned in Bangladesh came in handy, I studied the books my husband had. Canada is a bilingual country, we are expected to know both English and French to get a job. I took a few courses to enable me to teach French to the kids in my class, it was only basic French, nothing complicated.

I don’t recall how or why I took an interest in Spanish, I took some correspondence courses in Spanish. I found Spanish easier than French.

I believe if we fail to practice speaking the languages we learn we lose it.

At the moment  I spend my time participating in online courses and blogging. I enjoy both.

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DP Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots Post by Ranu

A manuscript of Rabindranath Tagore's (1861-19...

A manuscript of Rabindranath Tagore’s (1861-1941) work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I scoured the internet for uninteresting news.I did not find any. What I found are about things people like. I got no help from reading the news.

I pondered for a while about my life. It is not uninteresting.I woke up at 5:30, said my prayer,it took 26: 00 minutes. I took out Tagore’s book of poems and songs. Turned to the page where I found my favorite song,translated it in English.It’s written in Bengali mine and Tagore’s mother tongue. I think I am fortunate.It took me an hour to translate it. I posted it,something went wrong,the Oops sign came up,it cannot be found.I posted it again  with a few minor adjustments.I hope this time it is correct.This time it says ,my comment is awaiting moderation.

I went to the kitchen,had my breakfast.I wrote something for NaBloPoMo.I posted it. Then I read the daily prompt. I cannot find anything uninteresting in the  news. I cannot compare with what I did this morning. I think how I spent three and a half hours after waking up is interesting. It was time well-spent.