The Daily Post :Mountain

In response to daily post.s one-word prompt: Mountain

The word mountain makes me think of piles of work I need to do, I’ve been putting it off till later, unfortunately I find myself losing sleep over this unfinished job that I keep thinking about.

The problem lies in my big old basement, every time I look at it I wonder,where did all these things come from, I certainly didn’t hoard them, who’s the culprit, well there is one, she doesn’t let go off anything and believe me some of them are not worth a dime, but they are there taking my much needed space.

I’ve warned a few times I won’t look at them but put them in the garbage bags for next week’s collection. It hasn’t sunk in yet for she thinks it’s an  empty threat. I have planned to get the lawn care people to look in and take them out.What irritates me is  I have to pay someone to get rid of them.

If I had done it last year, it would have been lot simpler all I had to do was to call the city and make an appointment to pick up my bulk garbage. I didn’t do it, this year the councillors of the city decided in a meeting  the city will no longer pick up bulk garbage and each resident has to take care of their own.

…………………………………….. 🙂




365 Writing Prompts: Places

Beach,mountain,forest,or somewhere else entirely?

Beach at this time of year is not a place I’d like to go.

Mountain is not a place for the same reason a beach isn’t.

Forest, cannot think of going there either.

Somewhere else maybe, where it’s not cold, no snow no cruel strong wind.

Where the sun shines everyday.

We do not have to wear heavy coats, scarves and mittens.

Where nature beckons us with open arms.

Where the grass is green and feels like velvet.

Where the colorful flowers are lined up in a row.

Where there are hamburgers and french fries,

Laid out on long tables outdoors.

Where children are laughing and playing,

And mothers are smiling and saying,

“We wish it was warm throughout the year.”

That would be the perfect place for me to visit!