Daily Prompt : Descend

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Descend

We went for a walk by the lake one afternoon. It was a sunny day, everything looked bright and cheerful. We took some food with us, took out our sheets we carried and placed them on the ground. We sat on the sheet and had a lovely meal.

After an hour we noticed the people were leaving, we felt perhaps we should pack up and do the same. The temperature was steadily going down, the sun didn’t feel warm. ‘It’s time to leave,’ we said to ourselves. We loaded our stuff in the car and prepared to go home. As we were leaving we watched the Sun slowly descending behind the mountains. My daughter took a picture.

After several days of rain the sunshine was a welcome sight. We hoped we’d see a few more days of sun, it’s so rare where we live!

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Daily Prompt: Snapshot stories

pad2015-s1.png (308Ă—60)

Open the first photo album you can find–real or virtual, your call –and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there. Tell us the story of that photo.

This photograph was taken by one of my Chinese classmates in Llanberis , North Wales.It’s a black and white photograph, the month was November and it was cold. I’m wearing an olive green warm woollen coat, on top of my Sari.

I have a handbag which is quite large and I am smiling. It shows I’m enjoying my two week stay in North Wales. Behind me I can see mountains and some trees and houses.My hands are in my pocket to keep them warm.

The grass I’m standing on is pale yellow, it’s because it is cold in November.

This is all I can write about me in the photograph.


365 Writing Prompt: The artist’s eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to?Describe the experience( or,if art doesn’t speak to you,tell us why.)

Asher_Durand_View_near_Rutland_1827.jpg (600Ă—475)

Image from wikipedia

This is a painting of Asher Durand.

I am drawn to this painting. The scenery is gorgeous, the mountains in the background, the river, the amazing  trees covered with beautiful leaves seems to say,look at us ,take a picture we are here to entertain you.

The grazing cattle are inviting me to watch them and see the beauty of nature.

Then there is a family sitting under the tree telling me this is fun come and join us.

Asher Durand’s painting is awesome, he has created nature in its perfect setting.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/365-writing-pr…he-artists-eye/

DP Daily Prompt: Form of Flattery

pad2014-s.png (308Ă—60)

Write a post about any topic you want, but in the style of an author or a blogger you admire.

During my teaching days Roald Dahl was my favorite author, he used words and actions in his books that encouraged the kids to read.I’m not sure I can emulate him. I will write a short story to find out if it can draw my imaginary kids to read or will it completely turn them off.

“The Magical Tree”

High above the mountains there lived a sage who had a magical tree, no one knew why it was named thus and what kind of magic the tree was capable of. 

One early summer morning Verna and her brother Volta set out to discover the, ‘The Magical Tree’, they walked what it seemed for eons but the elusive tree was nowhere in sight, they continued on their journey hoping to find it and bring back their impression of the tree.

Far in the distance they saw some flickering lights,it caught Verna’s attention, she persuaded her brother to follow those lights, maybe the tree is there she thought.

Volta was not convinced yet he couldn’t dismiss his sister’s thoughts. Reluctantly he agreed to follow the lights, the closer they reached they saw many more lights added to that were children of various countries singing and dancing, ” this is amazing,” Verna exclaimed!

Volta who still had his doubt about the tree and all the other things they saw  said, ” Verna do not be carried away by these lights, maybe there is a family celebrating their kid’s birthday and the children are the friends invited to the party.”

To Verna the whole thing was nothing but magic , her brother loved to disagree with her. Moving along up the mountain they saw a trail of small round stones, where will this lead to, Verna was eager to find out, as they walked the stones changed to shiny pieces of wood, it then changed to little dwarfs who were beckoning them to follow, Volta stopped, he refused to go any further, “I think it’s a trap , he said, let’s go back.”

Verna refused, she was sure they will find the tree if they continued on, Volta was unwilling but was forced to go,he could not leave his sister behind.

Unexpectedly the dwarfs disappeared, there were angels instead moving rather slowly leading the two kids further and further, Volta was exhausted and hungry he sat on a blade of grass, Verna was furious she wanted to keep on moving, with tearful eyes, Volta declared, “I am hungry and tired I cannot move.”

One of the angels heard Volta, she stopped turned around waved her hand, there in the mountain appeared a bevy of maidens carrying baskets of bread, meat and drinks for the siblings.

They laid the food on a carpet which slowly moved towards them, “Eat this food they said in a gentle voice, then we’ll continue our journey”.

Verna and Volta ate until they were full, amazingly enough they were not tired anymore, the maidens led them to a vast stretch of land where they saw trees that they never saw before, Verna was ecstatic, “where is the Magical tree , she yelled?”

“Stay still one of the maidens replied, you must have some rest before you see the tree.”

They sat down, soon they fell asleep. When they woke up they found themselves in a very strange place, they saw the dwarfs,the angels, the maidens and the children they saw on their journey, singing and dancing around a humongous tree, the walls of the tree looked like cardboard, there were marks made on them, on each section there was a sign which said door. They were numbered from one to ten. Verna was ready to explore, Volta held her back, they must carefully investigate before they moved towards the doors.

While they were thinking,out came the most weird looking man, he was dressed in a multicolored robe, his eyes were large, he was tall ,his face looked like one of the characters on TV Verna and Volta watched.He had a loud voice which was scary.

“So you are here to see my magical tree, he bellowed “

Volta replied “I didn’t want to come my sister forced me to.”

“Do not be frightened young ones Verna is clever she made you come to see my tree, you won’t be disappointed, he said softly.”

For two whole weeks they saw everything inside the tree, there were places to play,eat,sleep and have fun . The large man treated the siblings well , they were invited to come back anytime with their family and friends.

While the kids had fun, their parents were looking for them everywhere, search teams were dispatched, the police were informed, it was a harrowing experience for the parents but the kids told the story of their journey to find the tree and how much fun they had!!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/dp-daily-promp…rm-of-flattery/