DP (New Post) Daily Prompt: The Little Things Post by Ranu

English: Agriculture in Bangladesh

English: Agriculture in Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have many things, people consider negative.I am quiet when I meet strangers.I do not easily make friends.There is a bunch of other things that I won’t mention here. But I will write about the little things. I always remember everyone who says something nice to me. I met a lady once who asked me where I was from.I told her I was from Bangladesh. She wondered if I was here for a visit. In reply I said I was living here for a few years. She smiled and said,”No my darling this is your home now”. I was happy to know she considered me a part of the community. She did not turn around and look the other way. It’s a huge thing for me.It happened many years ago,I still remember and talk about it. I am happy if I can do something nice for someone,it gives me a tremendous amount of joy.

I believe in the phrase,”It’s better to give than to receive”. ┬áI love hardworking people,it can be a student applying herself or himself,or a blue collar worker,who spends hours to earn money to feed his or her family. I love reading about great personalities like Iqbal , Rabindranath Tagore,Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Prophet Muhammad who have devoted their lives to help the poor ,the needy, and bring others to the path of truth. I can spend hours reading their work or hearing about them.These are some of the things, that describe me as a person and they are not known by my friends. Once I was watching a game show,one of the contestants won a huge sum of money,I was very happy.My husband ┬áremarked,”Why are you so happy ,You didn’t win it”? I replied ,”I’m happy for her”. It may sound strange, this is who I am.