What Did I Want To Be When I grew Up?

When I Was Ten I had no ambition of becoming a ballerina, fireman, astronaut or a movie star

When I was Ten years old the thought; what I wanted to be when I grew up never cross my mind. Day in and out I was either in school or doing never ending homework.

I was already busy thinking, how much homework will I get next day. My mind was overcrowded with schoolwork. To make matters worse my Dad’s motto was, ‘my children should not be exposed to radio, or they’ll never study.’

The only time I heard songs was when someone’s daughter or son was getting married in our neighbourhood. The loudspeakers were on full blast, it was an exciting time. I learned a lot of songs of Hindi movies.

When I was twelve my Dad passed away. We moved from Rawalpindi to Comilla Bangladesh. I still heard songs when there was a wedding in our neck of the woods. I showed an inclination to learn singing. My mom felt the same as my Dad. My wish died before it could flower.

I had no choice but to put my thoughts in studying those hard covered heavy books. When I reached a high enough ladder, my mind told me, with this qualification teaching would be the most appropriate thing to do. But wait a minute I said, ‘isn’t one of the prerequisite a degree in education?’

‘Yup thanks dear mind I told quietly.’ I proceeded to finish this last ladder of my ambition.

After I achieved what I needed I had no excuse but join the teaching department.

Now I’m living happily, don’t you think my good friends?