Bogra-A city in Bangladesh

Mazar Roundabout

Mazar Roundabout (Photo credit: nasnas)

BOGRA, Solingen-Wald

BOGRA, Solingen-Wald (Photo credit: sludgegulper)

Bangladesh Bank regional office, Sherpur Road,...

Bangladesh Bank regional office, Sherpur Road, Bogra, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ramparts of Mahsthangarh

Ramparts of Mahsthangarh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Statuettes of the Maurya period, 4th–3rd centu...

Statuettes of the Maurya period, 4th–3rd century BCE. Musée Guimet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sherpur Road, Bogra Sadar, Bogra, Bangladesh.

Sherpur Road, Bogra Sadar, Bogra, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A map of the Maurya Dynasty, showing ...

English: A map of the Maurya Dynasty, showing major ciies, early Buddhist sites, Ashokan Edicts, etc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This district town serves as the nerve centre of Northern Bangladesh.Some of the largest coal and lime deposits of the country have been discovered in this area.Twelve miles off the town is an interesting historical spot——the Mahanastangarh. Here buried among the mounds of earth—some of which have been excavated—-lies the ruins of the earliest known capital of Bengal.

The Maurya Empire and other rulers had their capital here.The ruins of this great ancient city is situated on the Western bank of river Korotoa,which is a past glory of Bogra. Sir Conningham is credited with identifying Mahastan,the great Muslim city. Ira M.Lapidus,in his book , A history of Islamic societies says that independent Muslim Kingdom existed in Bengal between 1346 C.E and 1576 c.E. He also mentions that Muslim scholars ,scribes ,sufis poets and intellectuals,came here from other parts of the world.These writers and Muslim rulers adopted the local language.

In the year 1680 C.E Emperor Aurangzeb appointed zamindars of Bihar ,Syed Raza,Syed Tahir and Syed Abdur Rahman the three brothers,to take care of the Mazars and Mausoleums of Mahastan Garh. They were awarded some lands for this purpose. The award letter was written in Persian and inscribed in bronze.In this “Farman” or “Sanad” Emperor Aurangzeb called it an “Astana”of Sultan Mahmud of Mahisawar and not a Mazar. On the Southern gate entrance Wall, is engraved in Bengali:  Narsingh Roy Dashoshsho” which means, “Subject”,No one knows who is “Narshingh” and who is he and whose  subject is he  of? Approximately half a mile North West of Garh lies the houses,locally known as Porshuram.

The past history of Bogra is very interesting.There were quite a few well-known people  born here. Muhammad Ali of Bogra is one of them. The melodious singer Anjuman Ara and her cousin Runa Laila are from Bogra as well.

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