DP Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me

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What do you find more unbearable, watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

Before I decide which one is undesirable my voice, or a video of myself? I will pick   my voice not the video, how did I figure it out,here is how?

When I was a student in London’s Institute Of Education, each one of us were given a piece of writing to read and record. We were instructed to go to the room where there was a recorder and a piece of writing , we were to go one at a time and read and record what was on that piece of paper, none of us saw it before, when my turn came I walked over to the room closed the door behind me and read the piece.

When we all had our turn, our Prof. Mr. Baird brought the recorder and played it for all of us to listen to our voice. When mine was finished, he said, “A fine piece of reading”, this made me think my voice is worth listening to.

As regards the video, my husband once took out his video camera and told us to walk while he took the video, there were a large number of us all family members, we had no idea how we should  walk, it ended up to be a disaster, none of us looked good, so video of myself was not what anyone will call nice.


DP (New Post) Daily Prompt: The Little Things Post by Ranu

English: Agriculture in Bangladesh

English: Agriculture in Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have many things, people consider negative.I am quiet when I meet strangers.I do not easily make friends.There is a bunch of other things that I won’t mention here. But I will write about the little things. I always remember everyone who says something nice to me. I met a lady once who asked me where I was from.I told her I was from Bangladesh. She wondered if I was here for a visit. In reply I said I was living here for a few years. She smiled and said,”No my darling this is your home now”. I was happy to know she considered me a part of the community. She did not turn around and look the other way. It’s a huge thing for me.It happened many years ago,I still remember and talk about it. I am happy if I can do something nice for someone,it gives me a tremendous amount of joy.

I believe in the phrase,”It’s better to give than to receive”.  I love hardworking people,it can be a student applying herself or himself,or a blue collar worker,who spends hours to earn money to feed his or her family. I love reading about great personalities like Iqbal , Rabindranath Tagore,Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Prophet Muhammad who have devoted their lives to help the poor ,the needy, and bring others to the path of truth. I can spend hours reading their work or hearing about them.These are some of the things, that describe me as a person and they are not known by my friends. Once I was watching a game show,one of the contestants won a huge sum of money,I was very happy.My husband  remarked,”Why are you so happy ,You didn’t win it”? I replied ,”I’m happy for her”. It may sound strange, this is who I am.