The Daily Post Prompt: Natural

In response to daily posts one-word prompt :Natural

Today I’m tempted to write a post comparing fake and genuine. Fake is artificial and Genuine is natural.

Many years ago in the Kolkata movie industry, actors used to fake their voices to make it more appealing for the audience. They thought their natural voices were not interesting enough which is why their movies were not box office hits.

The first actor who thought it was wrong was Uttam Kumar Mukherjee. He explained that it was not the artificial voice or fake acting that was important for a movie to do well, it was how the actor presents himself. With this in mind he made movies in which he did not try to fake his voice but spoke naturally.

His understanding was as a common individual we do not change our voice to sound impressive, we speak like an ordinary person. Uttam spoke naturally and soon everyone realized how irritating an artificial voice sounds.

He made several movies and was considered the best actor in his generation.

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Jan.10th 365 days Flavors

It is believed artificial flavors are safer than natural. Artificial flavors undergo a lot of testing before they are considered safe for consumption.

We use salt or sugar to enhance the taste of some natural foods. There are fruits such as oranges or grapefruit that sometimes are too sour for us,some of us either sprinkle some sugar or salt to make it more palatable. Does it make it better. I’d say they suit our taste buds.

Meat and fish are foods that we cook.  They can be boiled,baked,fried or barbecued. Certain kind of meat tastes better if we refrain from spicing it too much. Roast beef tastes better with least amount of spices and some or no salt. It retains its natural flavor. I like the natural flavor better.

Baked fish ,especially Cod is not that tasty. We improve its taste by adding spices, oil, and other flavorants to improve its flavor. We like food that are tasty, and we think of ways to make it palatable.

I was thinking of the vegetable Spinach,whenever I mentioned the name my little students would make a face. They disliked it . The problem is Spinach is terrible when it is just boiled.  If only we add one small section of a garlic clove, a bit of salt and fry it with a  tablespoon of  oil in a sauce pan it completely changes the taste and makes it flavorful. 10th-flavors