Tagore song: Tomar kautha hetha keho toh bolena kauray shudhu meechhay kolahol

Tomaar Kautha keho toh bolena: Lyrics by Tagore, Translation by Ranu

No one talks about you here

They only make useless noise

They are busy drinking deadly poison

In the sea of nectar

They have lost their self worth

They cannot swim

They have lost their sense of direction

They drift away with the waves unsteadily

And eventually drown in the sea

Where will I go,who will I ask

They have   taken  me by force

I knew they will leave me by myself

On the shoreless ocean

I look around me with tearful eyes

I am unable to carry my weight

My weak heart is trembling!!







Tagore song, Singer-Indranil Sen translated and posted by Ranu

Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa "The Pearl&...

Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa “The Pearl” (Photo credit: nipplerings72)

മലയാളം: കദംബം

മലയാളം: കദംബം (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moon’s obstruction is removed,

it’s light is overflowing

O tuberose pour your nectar.

The crazy breeze understands not

where is the summons coming from.

In the garden whoever is beside me

makes me fall in love.

O tuberose pour your nectar,

Moon’s obstruction is removed ,

Its light is overflowing.

The blue sky is smeared with


The swan in the forest

spread its wings.

Taking the filament of Amaranth

how are you spreading the moon?

Who lit the lamp in the bridal chamber?

Moon’s obstruction is removed,

It’s light is overflowing,

O tuberose pour your nectar!