Daily Prompt : Nest

In response to prompt : Nest

The most important dwelling for humans and insects and animals is their nest,

Humans have a few names, such as, mansion, palace, house, hut or igloo.

Insects call theirs, cobwebs, bee-hive, while animals have their nest, den and more,

Each of us are comfortable spending our daily lives in our abode.

Rich or poor, man or woman, animal or insect we prize our possession,

Not realizing we all are here temporarily and not to get attached with it.

We are creatures of habit and we love to think this is our final destination!

………………………………… 🙂


Tagore song: kholo kholodar rakhio na aar bahiray amai daray, posted and translated by Ranu

Open , open the door,

Do not keep me waiting outside.

Respond to my call,

Look at me,

Come and greet me with open arms.

My work is done,

The evening stars have risen.

The lighted ferry has disappeared,

In the vast ocean.

Is the water-pot filled,

Both sides of the wharf clean,

Did you tie your hair,

pluck  the flowers,

string the garland?

The cattle is  back from the pasture,

The birds returned  to  their nest,

All the  paths surrounding the world,

Have disappeared in  the dark.

Do not keep me waiting outside,

Open , open the door!

……………………….. 🙂