Tagore song posted and translated by ranu

No, no, it’s  not just a sweet game.

Yours and my life from dawn to dusk.

No,no it’s not just  a sweet game.

Yours and my life from dawn to dusk.

How many times the lights went off,

when the storm roared at night.

If we think of worldly concerns,

we face uncertainty and doubt.

No,no, it’s not just a sweet game.

Time and time again the enclosure

Breaks and the flood waters

Rush rapidly,

On this awful day

Screaming is heard from everywhere.

Oh God  in sorrow and happiness ,

These  words enter our mind

Your love is injurious,

But  it is never neglectful.

No,no, it’s not just a sweet game!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/tagore-song






DP Daily Prompt: Never Again Post by Ranu

This is an interesting prompt. I remember I made up my mind never to visit my brother-in -law’s place. He and his wife were mean. I hated every moment I stayed there.

When we came back.I told my husband,I will not go to Chicago,if he plans to stay with his brother and his hideous wife. My husband loved the city. He knew if he didn’t listen to me.I will  stay home.

I did go to Chicago twice after that incident.I stayed with my nephew on one occasion and with a friend the second time.

Some people are born to give a hard time to others. These are jealous useless people,I have no time for them.

DP Daily Prompt: Never post by Ranu

Since I read the daily prompt,I wondered what is it, I ‘ll never write about. I have a whole list of things,I like to write about. Which one can I safely erase from my list?

This is what I think I cannot and will not write about. It is my eating habit. I love food and I like the variety that is out there.How I tackle them can  be  frightening for all those health conscious addicts. It may scare the  daylights  out of authors of diet books.

I feel at ease knowing no one gets to criticize me. I read their books but when it comes to following, I keep me out of the picture. Good or bad ,I like my choice.

What I have learned! Post by Ranu

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have learned , you cannot depend on anyone.

I have learned,even if you cover your gray hair,your face will reveal your age.

I have learned “slow and steady”,doesn’t always win a race.

I have learned children hardly tell a lie.

I have learned two plus two equals five,if you are the “BOSS”.