Daily Prompt : Noise

In response to prompt : Noise

The terrible noise in the nearby room,

Gave me a sense  of impending doom.

I followed the sound to check it out,

To my dismay I watched  kids running about.

What’s the problem I asked, ‘shouting,’

‘There’s  no problem, we’re  just playing .’

‘Okay,’ is all I could muster,

‘Perhaps you mustn’t fluster!’

…………………………. 🙂


DP Daily Prompts: Return Address

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Yesterday, your pet, inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back( thanks for the suggestion,

lifelessons!). Write a post from their point of view ( or pick just any non-verbal creature/ object).

Dear Ranu,

Thank you for your letter. Raphael and I were very good boys yesterday. Rapha is the one who tried to open your closet, I did discourage him but he said, ‘No.’

Rapha did not pull your clothes down on the floor, you still did not give us treats for good behavior.

We tried to sleep all morning, your neighbor was making too much noise and the sun was bright and shiny we had to find out what was happening. this is why we could not sleep.

Rapha was restless, he’s the one who jumped on the piano, he does not listen, I don’t know if he scratched your piano, I am sorry.

Thank you for raising the blinds for us, it was nice and sunny, we didn’t enjoy that much because nothing exciting was happening, and there were no birds we could catch and gobble up, oh yes we are inside how can we catch them.

You always promise to give us treats, but you never do. Humans never tell the truth.

Rapha knows you don’t want him to chew paper, he did it as a protest because you failed to keep your promise.

Rapha wasn’t in a mood to reply, so I did it on behalf of us both.

I hope you still love us.

Your darling felines,

Rapha and Gabriel.



five minute fiction: Fearless

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Geeta a twenty year old college student once told her friends she was not afraid of anyone or anything, her friend Nellie challenged her she said, “Come to my party this week-end, I’ll see how much of your claim is believable.

Geeta was prepared, she felt the week-end was not coming soon enough.

On the day of the party Geeta was thrilled, she felt Nellie made an idle threat, she was going to show what she is made of.

At five thirty  that day  Geeta left the house and took a bus to Nellie’s house, she got off at the right stop and was walking along the street, all of a sudden a noise startled her, thinking it was a noise made by some foolish kid, she moved on, then to her dismay the noise became louder, she ignored this noise too and didn’t think anyone was trying to get her attention,she looked around to see where the noise was coming from, there was nothing visible, she had barely taken a step when she saw a giant figure, she couldn’t tell if it was a man or a beast, she turned around to go the other way, the creature grabbed her, she froze and started trembling violently, all that came out of her was,”Let me go please”.

Then the most unbelievable thing happened, there in front of her was Nellie, laughing like a crazy person,”Well Gita  I know what you mean by you are not afraid, now that I got my answer let’s go home for dinner,Mom cooked the most delicious meal just for you the fearless girl!”

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/five-minute-fiction-fearless/


Writing Prompt :INTJ

Too much noise at parties makes me look for a place I can hide. I do not enjoy hearing everyone yelling to make their voices heard, I’ve been to parties where children are also invited and these kids yell so loud it almost makes me feel I’d be deaf in no time if I continue to experience this kind of noise.

I like parties where people are not so loud, everyone is enjoying themselves. Food is the main thing,when there is a variety, it becomes more fun to taste a bit of everything.

I also like it when I don’t have to stay at a party past my bed time.

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/03/20th/365-days-march 20th-INTJ/

‘Classroom Outdoors for a Day’

“There was a loud crash in the hallway.”  The noise startled me. It was afternoon. I was waiting for my students to come in. I quickly got up to see. There he was the new janitor lost his balance while carrying the box of Children’s books,the box broke and the books lay scattered    all over in the hall. I saw him dash into the washroom. A heavy book fell on his foot. He was in pain.In his anger he kicked the pipe in the washroom and made a dent.

“Is anyone hurt ” I called out.

“No, Miss” was the answer.

I felt relieved. I came back to my classroom. I resumed my work.The janitors picked up the books and mopped the floor.

The buses arrived , an hour later.

The kids looked uninterested. I tried to cheer them up.

“Okay children let’s see how many of you spelled all the words right.”

“I know Mary and Henry,”  Matthew said.

“Well there are more than two rest of you need to study harder.”

The kids who had a few mistakes were happy. The teacher will not mention their name.

Everyone took out their spellers and opened them. We discussed some of the problems kids face when learning a new word. We were having a great conversation, suddenly we were interrupted by a knock.

I went to see who it was. I was surprised to see the custodian.

“Yes, what is it?”   I asked.

“It’s an emergency,one of the pipes in the washroom is leaking, the water is gushing out, the Principal wants  the teachers   to take the students out.

“Go out,is this the pipe, can it be the pipe  the janitor kicked?”

“Yes Miss,  everyone has to leave before the floors are flooded.”

This was unexpected, I didn’t know how I’ll keep the kids busy.

I was thinking.

Mary knew I was upset .

“Why don’t we go to the back garden to see if we  can  name  the flowers.”

“What a splendid idea, thank you Mary.” I said.

The kids named  the flowers . I noticed Henry stopped in front of one.It was obvious he didn’t recognize it. I  asked the kids,”does anyone know?   Mary raised her hand.

“Do you know it Mary?” I asked.

“Yes, Miss we have this flower in our garden,it’s Hibiscus”.

The kids were happy, Henry was stumped. I didn’t let them make fun of him.. I  told them, we must find out, if it’s safe to go back to our classroom.

Matthew volunteered to find out. He was in and out in a flash with the news.”‘Miss the principal wants us to stay outdoors,the floors are not dry yet.”

“All right children we have exactly one hour of school left. What would you like to do?”I asked.

Spelling Bee was the unanimous  choice.

I divided them into two groups of fifteen each. Henry and Mary were elected as  group leaders.

The competition was on. Mary’s team was slightly ahead. Henry’s team was two points behind. He was restless.He didn’t want to lose. Next few minutes was crucial. He breathed a sigh of relief when his team succeeded to even the score.

The final minutes were difficult for both. The word left to spell was, “HIBISCUS” .

The leaders volunteered to spell it. It was Henry’s turn, the large trophy and everyone watching him made him  nervous. He tried  to shake off the jittery feeling,he took a deep breath. He  spelled, “HIBISCES,”     there was a groan, his team was disappointed Henry let them down. Mary’s team will take the trophy they were certain.

I told them,  “Don’t worry you guys will win next time,it’s only a game,don’t be sad.

Mary came up spelled  the word easily, HIBISCUS, her team members jumped up and down , “We Won” they said.

Henry was sad , he sat still and lowered his head. He couldn’t understand how he made such a careless mistake.

“Cheer up Henry,it’s time to go home,get ready all of you.” I said.

It was three-thirty I sent them home. It was a hectic day we enjoyed the outdoor classroom.

I was certain I heard a voice whispering, “Did you notice the children loved studying outdoors?”   It was Tagore reminding me classrooms outdoors are better than ones indoors. “I agree  I said!”

DP Daily Prompt: Party Animals Post by Ranu

I am not much of a party lover.I go to ones where I have no choice. Last year I went to one I did not enjoy.Everyone in that house were screaming at the top of their lungs. They were all adults.No they were sitting beside each other. Why were they so loud? I do not know. Maybe they thought it was the only occasion  they  could show how happy they were.

So from my description,I hope it is obvious I hated being there. When I came home,I  promised not to go to one  of those parties any more. I had a splitting headache. I felt I was probably deaf from all that noise. The energy I had, diminished in few minutes.It was a terrible experience.