Daily Prompt : Glaring

In response to prompt : Glaring

Today is a sunny bright day in our city, the sun is so bright it’s almost blinding.  I did not wear my sun glasses, when I went out. I felt it  because I could not look outside.

When I boarded the bus I noticed the blazing sun on the seats on one side of the bus. To protect myself I sat on the opposite side. There was a lady on the bus she smiled, I said, ‘it’s too sunny and warm on the opposite side, this is why I took the seat on the shady side.’

Then I laughed and told her, ‘we do not seem to appreciate nature if it is sunny we complain, if it rains we  pray for sun.’

Apart from the discussion of nature we also criticize people if they make glaring omissions on purpose.  Once a student of mine scored 98% in the standardized test, he was put in C group, when he was supposed to be in group A.  To me this was not a mistake but it was done on purpose. This kind of discrimination is outrageous!

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Daily Post Phttps://wordpress.com/stats/sabethville.wordpress.comrompt: Obvious

In response to daily post’s prompt : Obvious

So far I’ve enjoyed the daily post’s prompts. I’m not sure about the prompt Obvious,I know what it means, there are several synonyms for the word, somehow it hasn’t helped me. It’s Obvious I have a mental block.

While thinking of mental block, I’ve realized now that I have a permanent mental block about, how to use,”pingback,’ my good blogger friend tried to explain how it’s done. I also asked one of the bloggers who uses pingback  frequently. He hasn’t replied.

Can the wordpress team explain how to create pingbacks? I will be much obliged if someone comes to my rescue. Thanks.

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DP Daily Prompt: Party Animals Post by Ranu

I am not much of a party lover.I go to ones where I have no choice. Last year I went to one I did not enjoy.Everyone in that house were screaming at the top of their lungs. They were all adults.No they were sitting beside each other. Why were they so loud? I do not know. Maybe they thought it was the only occasion  they  could show how happy they were.

So from my description,I hope it is obvious I hated being there. When I came home,I  promised not to go to one  of those parties any more. I had a splitting headache. I felt I was probably deaf from all that noise. The energy I had, diminished in few minutes.It was a terrible experience.