DP Daily Prompt:Cast change

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You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise).The catch: you must replace the entire cast– with your friends and family. Who gets which one?

This role of a casting director is not easy for me to fulfill. Let me see what I can come up with.

My favorite TV show is ,’The Waltons.’ We loved watching it, it was such a beautiful story of a family, I watch it even now if it is shown.

Here is my selection : The Replacement Cast Members;

John Walton Sr: A.R. Choudhry( he is a family friend)

Olivia Walton   : Dilruba    ( family friend)

Jon Boy Walton: Todd Baker( family friend)

Zeb “Grandpa Walton” :  Mr. Baker( Todd’s Dad)

Esther”Grandma Walton: Aunt Bessie( Fictional)

Jason Walton: Shahzad( my nephew)

Mary Ellen Walton: Shazia( my niece)

Erin Walton: Lucky( my niece)

Ben Walton: Theo( fictional)

Jim Bob Walton: Bobby( fictional)

Elizabeth Walton: Ruth ( Family friend)

Narrator:    Jerome(Family friend)

The above are my cast members. I’ll have them rehearse their parts, the ones who are mentioned as fictional will be relieved from rehearsing.

This was a difficult thing to do,I sympathize with the casting directors.

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