#Everyday Inspiration,Day ten: Let the scene write itself

Day Ten: Let the scene write itself

My post, “On Location”

Today is Sunday, my neighborhood looks very quiet. No vehicles of any kind is seen, there are no animals or birds, looks as if everyone in my neighborhood is on vacation.

I’m watching Nature from my window in my bedroom, the tree is not clothed yet, why is the delay I do not understand, maybe it’s always like this, at this time of the year, I just didn’t pay attention.

The grass is starting to peek its head from the ground, they are not showing simultaneously but in small fractions. The sky is covered with grey clouds reminding me the air is cold. Why not I say, it’s St John’s and summer always drags its feet to show up here.

There is some stagnant water on the driveway, it’s from the rain which comes and goes not knowing when to stop. The lawn has a musty smell, there are no flowers to spread their scent on our lawn.

I can also see my next door neighbor’s gray roof, waiting to feel the cool rain water, which is threatening to fall at any time.

Moving on to the other side, I see my friend’s house the drapes are drawn, I have no idea if she is in or out. Her next door neighbors on both sides are probably home eating supper or watching TV.

My neighbor across the street has planted perennials which are already in full bloom, making his back lawn look gorgeous. I wonder why my perennials are taking longer to show up, the weather in both our places is  the same. Why is Nature showing favoritism? This is all I can see right now in my neck of the woods.

………………………………………… 🙂

Writing 101,Day Ten: Let the scene write itself

Assignment: Find a spot where you can sit and observe for at least twenty minutes.

“On Location”

I sat in my living room and watched the scene in front of me. There are no flowers, the maple trees are almost bare, the leaves still there, are quietly falling on the ground.

The hedge is trimmed to get ready for the snow that might show up any day. On the road cars:yellow, red , black and brown , are moving along at a steady speed.

Every few minutes Route two bus is whizzing past my house, the destination seems to be the mall, it will stop for a few minutes to pick up passengers, and will go past my house again to the opposite direction.

It’s a cloudy and cold day, I see men and women bundled up to stay warm.

Across the road the Memorial university parking lot is filled with cars. The parking lot is new, it used to be a large field with green grass. Now it’s converted into a parking lot.

There is still some greenery: it’s the slopes they covered it with sod, it’s not smooth yet ,there are patches of mud in places.

This is the scene, there is not much change, there are no animals, only some pedestrians walking along the pavement to get to work.

Like Wordsworth I gazed … and gazed, my thought wasn’t what wealth the show to me had brought. For me it was the reminder of a long dreary winter to pounce on us.

I looked out  my window what did I see?

Leaves falling quietly baring the trees.

Immediately the thought comes to mind,

How pitiful the trees look standing in line.


The humans are on their way to work,

In cars, trucks, cabs and on foot goes the jerk.

Still I look for something pleasant,

Maybe a kitten, a puppy or a cute infant.


Unlucky you, my  mind scolds me,

This is not the time for you to see

a kitten , a puppy  or anything cute.

For it’s cold outside you silly brute!

…………………………… 🙂