Daily Prompt :Fierce

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Fierce

I was always afraid when my mom was angry with me. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what I did wrong.

One day my younger brother was fooling around in the kitchen, he wanted to hide from my other brother, he hid under the kitchen table, when the brother found him, without thinking he tried to stand up while still under the table, he knocked down the table and all the dishes on it, my mom was angry with me, but said nothing to him. I thought it was unfair but was too scared to tell mom anything.

Once I saw my aunt slapping all three of her kids,when I asked what happened , she mentioned two of them were arguing, so she slapped all three of them. I disagreed, I told her, ‘the third one didn’t do anything, why did you slap him?’

Her reasoning was weird, she said, “If I don’t slap him he’d make fun of the other two.”

I told her she was wrong.

………………………………. 🙂