Daily Prompt : Gingerly

In response to one-word prompt : Gingerly

Gingerly I was walking to school that day,

Not knowing who I would meet will say.

How long have you been in this snowy town?

I looked up  and saw a woman with a frown.

Cautiously I replied with a hesitant smile,

‘My dear believe it or not it’s been a while,

But I cannot get used to the icy roads of winter,

Each day I count how long will this weather,

Give me grief, I’m sorry for complaining,

This is truly something I wasn’t expecting.’

She gave me a sarcastic look and moved on,

I watchfully took small steps to my destination!


……………………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt : Ooze

In response to one-word prompt : OOZE

One summer our Dad took us to Bangladesh. Our first stop was Lahore, Pakistan, from there we changed planes to go to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We took a train from Dhaka to go to our Grandparents, home in the village. It took us close to 8 hours to reach Feni a small town, close to our Grandparents village. The village was twelve miles from the town. My Dad hired two taxis to take us there. This was the first time, we met our cousins, aunts and uncles.

One evening I saw two of my uncle’s servants  climbing a date tree, which belonged to my uncle. They tied their ankles with a rope. I was curious I asked them, ‘why did you tie your ankles?’

They laughed because I had no clue. In reply they said, ‘it helps us to climb the tree.’

This part I kind of understood, but why are they  taking the pitchers, one of them explained they needed them to tie onto the tree, so when they make a cut, the juice from the tree would collect in the pitcher.

Apparently they have to do this late in the afternoon so the juice which slowly oozes out all night will fill the pitcher.

The raw juice is not very tasty, but the juice is boiled in big pots, as it boils the fluids turn thicker like molasses.

They do not leave it at the molasses stage, but keep boiling it until it is the right thickness to turn into jaggery(it’s a concentrated product of date, cane sugar).

Jaggery is used to make delicious sweets.

…………………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt : Foggy

In response to one-word prompt: Foggy

My mind is foggy about certain places, certain foods, and certain events in my life. One thing is sure, I will never forget the day we had a solar eclipse, I was about eight nine years old, our teacher told us not to look directly at the sun. My classmates pointed at the eclipse, I looked directly at it, I forgot what the nuns told us.

I was so fascinated by what I saw I could not help looking at it. When I came home I did the same. In the evening I noticed my blurred vision. I did not tell my dad, I hoped it would go away, it took a few days, I thanked my lucky stars and promised, I’d never do this again. This memory of the eclipse did not fade.

Certain foods I had years ago is fresh in my mind. After the month of Ramadan, we have a day when we celebrate by eating delicious food and we wear new clothes, on one of these occasions, my mom could not cook due to ill-health, our servant cooked that day. I do not know how he cooked the pilaf , I disliked the taste and refused to eat pilaf for several years. The trauma of eating our servant’s cooking still remains sharp in my memory.

Also I find some languages are difficult than others. I hear a lot of French, because our official language is English and French. One day I went to a store where they sell cups and saucers. The sales girl, excitedly told me about the sale in her store. she spoke in French, she spoke so fast, I could not understand a word she said. I smiled and said,    ‘I haven’t the foggiest idea what you just said.’

It’s after her co-worker explained in English I understood what she meant!

……………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Tether

In response to one-word prompt : Tether

Sometimes I wonder if we kept our dog tiger in a leash, he’d live longer. We let him roam around freely, we thought restraining him could break his spirit. But such freedom came with a price, his restless self cost him his life. Someone ran him over and moved on.

We were heartbroken knowing we’d never see him in front of our Dad’s horse drawn carriage, trying to stop the guy from taking Dad to work.

………………………………… 🙂