Daily Post prompt : Carry

In response to daily post’s prompt: Carry

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There once was a man who’d carry

His family’s junk mail to bury

He couldn’t find it

For he  wasn’t fit

To look for the junk mail he had to bury!




The Daily Post Prompt : Punishment

In response to daily post prompt : Punishment

There is a saying, “The punishment does not fit the crime.”

In my family’s case it’s true, the fact my Dad passed away @age 47 leaves us wondering, why did we get the ultimate punishment, we were young and innocent, we spent our time playing and going to school, we did not disobey our parents, teachers or elders. Why did we become orphans at such a tender age?

My complaint is to God, He couldn’t dislike us we according to us never mistreated any one. Our father’s passing so early left us bewildered. My mom was a pious woman, she did not envy or talk against any one. My Dad did not like nepotism he refused to help my eldest brother get a job, he was influential but did not allow himself to give his son a job because it was against his principle.

Perhaps our crime was we were carefree, happy and enjoyed our childhood immensely. Can this be our crime I wonder? Did the punishment we received fit the crime?

Then again my Moral Science book said,” Man can be happy to some extent but cannot attain perfect happiness.”

I understand now, for all the happiness we got had to be balanced by sadness, hence the price we paid was the passing of my Dad.

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The Daily Post Prompt: Autonomy

in response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Autonomy


Freedom is a word we all enjoy. Starting with the little infant, we’ve seen through our experience, even a little human shows his displeasure when we try to be too assertive with him.

My experience with my little one has been precious as well as the knowledge that in her mind I was someone she trusted, yet she didn’t want me to make her eat or even wear clothes she didn’t like. I’ve learned a lot from her, but there were occasions when I thought she must listen to me because I knew more than her.

Her food habits were not what I’d consider healthy, she was little but knew how to trick me. Supper time was the worst she didn’t like the food I cooked for her, she was clever enough to pretend she wasn’t hungry. But when it came to dessert she was right there, gobbling it up. I’d always say, “I thought you’re not hungry,” she’d smile and continue eating.

I realized soon enough she wanted freedom to eat what she liked and not what she didn’t.

In our lives we like to be free to do things that makes us happy, I was pretty much allowed to do what I wanted when I was in school, Mom realized as long as my results are satisfactory, she was not concerned. She did veto when I wanted to learn to sing, “you’ll not study if I let you do what you want, your education would suffer.”

Then came the time when I was learning to drive, my husband was my instructor, he was tough, he yelled at me so much, I told him I didn’t want to learn to drive, “You must he’d say, in this country it’s very important to get a driver’s licence.”

I did get one and drove for a while, but soon realized this is one thing in my life I do not enjoy doing. I stopped driving after sometime and never miss it anymore. This is the kind of freedom I always wanted, I have it now.

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The Daily Post: Fence

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Fence

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In the front of our house we have a hedge which does the job of a fence. The hedge is not friendly  it is a thorny one. I was once asked why we chose to have fence like that. Actually we are not responsible, the first owner must have decided to have a thorny hedge to keep the moose off his property.

The city has grown quite large, the moose or any kind of animals are afraid to come out of the forest, for their visit in this century can cost them their life. There are vehicles moving 24/7, those animals don’t have a chance.

We are protected from human intruders too, then there is the problem of littering, Tim Horton’s makes tons of money selling coffee we bear the brunt of it for them cups always find their way on our lawn. Coffee cups are not the only things found on our lawn, from candy wrappers, to plastic bags they all consider our lawn a safe haven.

Thank God for our lawn care people, they clear the garbage twice a year. I feel a fence surrounding a house gives it a personality.

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Daily Prompts: Dirty

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We live in a world where there are too many things around us, when we fail to take care of it, to me it looks messy or dirty.

When the rooms in a house is not cleaned regularly it eventually looks dirty.

Apart from unclean, there are many other things that are dirty,i.e dirty tricks, dirty language, dirty bomb.

Of all the things that are dirty, unclean is not as bad as dirty language , trick or bomb.

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Daily prompts: Connection

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A few years ago I read a poem by Allama Iqbal. I had heard about this poet, I didn’t know him then. I was curious about a poem he wrote in Urdu.

This is the Urdu version:

Masjid toh bana di shab bhar mein

Iman ki hararat walon nay

Mun apna purana papi hai

Barson mein namazi  bun na saka

This is my translation into English:

They built the mosque in one night

The so called honest religious people

They are sinners at heart

In all these years they couldn’t become religious!

My curiosity made me do some research about this poem. According to popular belief there was a piece of land owned by no one. There were two groups who wanted to own it. The challenge was whoever could build a mosque or a temple would become owners of this land. According to the story, a group of Muslims spent the whole night to build a Mosque on that piece of land, they were successful and became the owners. The poet noticed the mosque was built but no one came to pray, this was the reason he wrote the poem.  The story took place in Lahore.

You might think how is this thing connected to me. Well I found out a gentleman named Khurram Ali Shafique was offering an online course on Iqbal studies. I contacted him by email and registered for the course. This is how I made the connection.