Do din ki zindagi mein dukhre hain beshumar “In this short life there are many unhappy people translation and post by Ranu

Enjoy Life Foods

Enjoy Life Foods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are countless unhappy people in this life,

Despite it,life belongs to those who can enjoy it.

The stars will appear once again

and the moon will shine.

The deserted garden will come alive

with the arrival of spring.

Sunshine and shadow are the

facts of life.

The ones who can endure it,

life belongs to them.

Your loss today will be followed

by gain tomorrow.

Each breath tells you repeatedly

life belongs to those who enjoy it.

There are many excuses

to want to die,

but there is only one to live.

In the strings of hope

the heart plays the tune

this life is for those who enjoy it!

Translated by Ranu