Origin story, August 2, 2020

Why did I start my blog?

I started blogging when I read a post by one of my online classmates. It was something new to me. I didn’t even know the meaning of the word. I asked our online instructor if I would be able to start my own blog. He thought it’s a good idea.

Next I had no idea what I could write about. This time another online classmate said, ‘You are a Bengali, you can start translating Tagore’s poems.’ I took out Tagore’s book, sonchaita( a collection of Tagore’s writings) and translated some of his poems.

While translating poems, the thought of translating Tagore’s songs made me think, perhaps it would certainly be of interest to some bloggers. And it did.

I then felt I should find out what else I could write about. I was thrilled to find out, I can write using WordPress daily prompts. This is where I did some courses. I enjoyed writing a variety of poems.

Right now I’m using 365 days prompts to write. I’m learning a lot and enjoying it.


DP Daily Prompt: Origin Story Post by Ranu

I was interested to be a part of the blogging community when I read my friend’s blog. I was not sure how . I accepted the challenge.Here I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Signing up with ‘Daily Post’ was my best move.I don’t have to think.Every morning I get the topic, I try to write the best way I can. I did not plan anything, I left that part to my mind.So far I am doing great.

I got ideas from my course buddies,one of them in particular.It was helpful to know what would interest them. Tagore is popular,I’ve translated a lot of his poems.When I started I didn’t think I could do it. Knowing the language certainly was a plus point. Here I am translating and writing the daily post. Did I think it’d go this way ,of course not?

I also wrote sort of a travelogue,where I was the guide and my clients was a family of three. I used some of my teaching experience to write that one.Right now I depend on the daily post.I might get some more input from my on-line course friends. This is what I am counting on.

I’ll probably write something for my friends who are interested.