Daily Prompt : Candid

In response to prompt : Candid

Eid-al Fitr follows one whole month of Ramadan, it’s mandatory for Muslims to   fast during Ramadan. Some kids start when they’re eight years old. frankly speaking I tried one day to fast during Ramadan, it wasn’t food that bothered me, I just could not handle one whole day of no water until sunset.  There I was in the bathroom taking a shower and drinking water until I quenched my thirst.

This pricked my conscience for quite sometime. I realized it was better not to pretend to fast, I did not like deceiving my Dad, I knew he’d be disappointed.

Coming to the subject of Eid-al-fitr, it’s a day we celebrate by visiting friends, eat whatever they give us and head on to the next house. For this particular Eid day, my Dad  could not afford to buy new clothes for all of us, so he told my mom to buy only for my eldest sister.

Mom knowing how outspoken I was quietly told me this is what they both decided.

In my mind I decided I cannot let this happen, so I was candid about it I said, ‘if no one gets new clothes, the eldest sister should not get it either.’

I refused to wear old clothes, Mom told Dad about this he agreed to buy clothes for me too.

Somewhere out their my sister was listening in on our conversation. Mom asked me, ‘what color do you like?’

As soon as I said, ‘I want blue Mom.’

My sister yelled out from her room,  ‘she should stop wearing blue clothes all the time, this time buy her red,’

Mom was in a hurry she went to the shop and bought red material for my outfit. When she came home, she smiled, ‘Look I bought red for you.’

In a fit of anger I said,   ‘give it to her, I don’t want it.’

Mom went back and bought blue material . When she showed it I said,  ‘I want both the red and the blue.’ This is how candid I was!

…………………………………………. 🙂