Daily Prompt : Ovation

In response to daily post’s prompt :  OVATION

The stage was set, there was a loud applause when Celine Dion entered the stage. I knew she’d sing a few songs, I hoped she’d sing my   favorite song from the movie, ‘Titanic.’ My heart will Go On…

After the song the ovation was deafening, sitting beside me was my little niece, she didn’t understand why there was so much noise after the song, ‘it’s not noise,’ I said, ‘ the people are happy to hear her sing, this is why they are clapping to let her know they loved to hear her.’

My niece was surprised when we all stood up to give her a standing ovation, she didn’t stand up, I had to pull her up. She was not impressed, all the way home she complained why it wasn’t enough to sit and clap, why did we all stand up?

‘Well,’ I  told her,  ‘some day when you are all grown up and have a favorite star performing on stage, and you and everyone stand up and clap, you will understand why you have to stand up, for now just understand this is the right thing to do, it is called Standing Ovation, you let your favorite star know how much you appreciate her.’

My niece looked at me and said, “Whatever Auntie!”

………………………………. 🙂