365 Writing Prompts: Hear no evil

Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.

I did overhear something I wish I didn’t. My husband invited some of his friends to dinner one day. All his friends knew he was a Bengali and his wife was a Bengali too.

One of my husband’s friend was from Karachi where Urdu is spoken by most people.I learned Urdu when I was very young, we had neighbors who spoke it.

My husband’s friend seemed to be in a sour mood that day, he called his friend to talk to him about his family problem. I understood what he said.He didn’t think anyone in that party knew his language, unfortunately I heard everything he said against his wife. I did not try, he spoke loud enough for us to hear, only I was the one who understood everything he said.If this is overhearing I am guilty.

This happened to me once, our British Prof. was walking past us one day, I told my classmate in Urdu, “Oh look Mr. Baird is coming!” He quietly walked by without saying anything.

Next day in the classroom, he told us, “Oh by the way, Miss Sabeth speaks very good Urdu.”

I was so embarrassed I did not know what to say, Mr. Baird was a linguist, he lived in India for two years,I had no idea!

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DP Daily Prompt: Talking in Your Sleep

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I had the unfortunate experience of overhearing my two older brothers and my older sister, since the conversation was about me I wanted to know what was irking them.

I was in the next room and they were not exactly talking softly to keep me from hearing them. My older sister deliberately spoke in her loudest voice, that I was in the city because I did not want to go to school. She totally ignored the fact that Mom sent me there to take care of the brother who was sick.

How did the conversation make me feel? I was livid, I packed my bag and went home.


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English: The three wise monkeys, "See no ...

English: The three wise monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” Gandhian advice to follow three monkeys – Don’t talk ‘wrong’, Don’t see ‘wrong, Don’t listen ‘wrong’! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I overhear my kids arguing with each other,what is the best ,’Mother’s Day Gift’, for Mom. A few minutes later,they are in their rooms sulking.When I ask, ‘What were you talking about’? The only answer I get is, ‘She always wants to have her way’? My next question, ‘Who’?  One of them would say, ‘Never mind Mom, we know you’ll take her side’. This is where the dialogue comes to a screeching  halt!