365 Writing Prompts: Hear no evil

Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.

I did overhear something I wish I didn’t. My husband invited some of his friends to dinner one day. All his friends knew he was a Bengali and his wife was a Bengali too.

One of my husband’s friend was from Karachi where Urdu is spoken by most people.I learned Urdu when I was very young, we had neighbors who spoke it.

My husband’s friend seemed to be in a sour mood that day, he called his friend to talk to him about his family problem. I understood what he said.He didn’t think anyone in that party knew his language, unfortunately I heard everything he said against his wife. I did not try, he spoke loud enough for us to hear, only I was the one who understood everything he said.If this is overhearing I am guilty.

This happened to me once, our British Prof. was walking past us one day, I told my classmate in Urdu, “Oh look Mr. Baird is coming!” He quietly walked by without saying anything.

Next day in the classroom, he told us, “Oh by the way, Miss Sabeth speaks very good Urdu.”

I was so embarrassed I did not know what to say, Mr. Baird was a linguist, he lived in India for two years,I had no idea!

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DP Daily Prompt: Head Turners

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We often hear strange snippets of conversation as we walk through public spaces.When was the last time  you overheard so interesting, ridiculous, or disturbing, you really wanted to know what it was all about?

My brother Misbah, was traveling to Comilla from Chittagong, he overheard a passenger telling his friend there was a job opening in one of the Tea Estates.

He told my brother Rafique  about the job opening,  Rafique was looking for a job, he sent an application to the Tea Board. After a few days he received a letter from the boss of the company to come for an interview.

Rafique was delighted, he left Comilla to go to Chittagong for the interview. He met the boss of the company, who received him cordially, after asking him some questions, he was told they will send him a letter if he was selected.

After waiting for a couple of weeks my brother received a letter from the company boss that he was hired for the job!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/dp-daily-prompt-6/

DP Daily Prompt: Groupthink

Mary, Heather, and Sally are having a very interesting conversation.

Shh don’t tell them, Greg and I (Marie)  are listening.

Mary : guess what, Mrs. Hay ward said : I am the smartest student in her class.

Heather: Noooo, she didn’t,teachers do not tell their students,who is the smartest,you are making it up.

Sally: I’m with you Heather.I know teachers never do that.

Mary: Really, how do you know?

Heather: My Dad Said, this kind of thing breeds jealousy between classmates.

Sally: I agree, my Dad is a teacher,he did say the same thing.

Mary: I don’t see any harm in telling a student, she/he is the smartest. It helps to motivate the students.

Heather and Sally: What about us, should we not be motivated too?

Mary: Maybe she likes me more than you.This is why she wants me to be better than all of you.

Greg and Marie step out of their hiding place.

Greg and Marie: Mary you’re such a showoff,you are trying to tell us the teacher likes you more than us. Why would she like you more? You’re always arguing with us and telling us you’re better. To confirm it you’re dragging the teacher. We do not believe you. I know if Mrs Huxley finds out, you’ll have some explaining to do.

Mary: Where did you two come from? I know you were eavesdropping, it is bad manners to do this. You need to apologize.

Greg: We’ll do no such thing. Besides we were passing by and overheard your conversation. We decided to set things right. You three need to thank us. Otherwise you guys would pull each others’ hair. We saved you from a tragedy.

Greg: Let’s go Marie, we have things to do. We cannot waste anymore time.  You know, “Time and Tide Waits For No One”.

Mary, Heather and Sally: Can we come too?

Greg: Only if you promise not to fight.

Heather,Mary And Sally: Cross our heart,we won’t!

Greg and Marie: Okay gang let’s go!!