Daily Prompt : Overwhelming

In response to daily post’s prompt : Overwhelming

Roger Federer’s success in the Australian Open Grand Tennis Championship was overwhelming. No one thought he’d go as far as he did. Round after round he beat his opponents soundly. His rise to the top was amazing.

The tennis world wanted a Roger, Rafa match in the final, they didn’t disappoint us. There they were two good friends fighting to win the Grand slam trophy, Roger came up in flying colors.

I watched the reruns several times. I looked at it this way, at least there was something exciting happening. I was tired of reading the news about the election.



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DP Daily Prompt: Wind-powered Calculators Post by Ranu

Wind powered well in Nebraska

Wind powered well in Nebraska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have used calculators,I love what they can do better as compared to my brain. Wind-powered calculator.? It will be incredible to have one of those. It would mean no batteries or electricity to operate them. One thing boggles my mind, how on earth will the wind replace battery or electricity? Are they going to capture the wind in a box? My brain is unable to process it. However it is up to the inventors I believe,I will sit and wait for the day when it comes out.

I find it rather intriguing,how we humans are  mismanaging the energy we have. It has come down to load shedding in developing overcrowded countries.Electricity is used sparingly. We complain why that is so, maybe we should be reminded,there was a time when there was no electricity,no switches to play with,what did we do then?

So now we have to look up and ask nature to help us. We need wind-powered technology now. We have depleted the natural resources by our overwhelming need. I wonder if it is possible to use up the wind. For now wind-powered technology is showing its head up. Since we have to go with the flow.I’ll have to bow down and say it’s a necessity. Welcome wind-powered Calculators!